IGN's Army of Two preview plus 20 screens

EA Montreal weren't happy. With a Christmas release pending, there was just something about Army of Two that didn't sit right with them. Thankfully, after talks with the powers up top at EA Towers, the team behind this third-person shooter was given an extra couple of months to hone and perfect its product. Eager to show off the latest refinements as the game teeters on the cusp of release, the developer invited IGN to spend some quality time with the latest code. Naturally, they accepted...

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timmyp533449d ago

Im gonna keep an eye open for this game.

Brixxer6003448d ago

I've watched a couple of vids of this lately on IGN and it's looking good now, i couldn't believe that it's the same game they were showing last year, the extra dev time looks to be getting put to good use, it's definitely back on my wanted list.