Bethesda: 'We recommend not installing Doom 3 BFG'

NowGamer: Bethesda has responded to the unusual quirk of not being able to play original Doom after installing Doom 3 BFG to your Xbox 360 hard drive… by advising against installing it.

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Dailynch2010d ago

Lol, someone missed something pretty obvious during QA. What a joke.

HammadTheBeast2009d ago

It's Bethesda. Must I get started?

b163o12008d ago

Lol these guy's are losing it, glitchy games, Ps3 Negligence, and now "Don't install BFG edition of Doom" on hard drive. Lol stop the bleeding...

JaredH2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

They didn't miss it. When you try to play it they actually programmed it to say that you have to delete it from your hard drive. But that's even lazier since they obviously knew about it beforehand.

TimmyShire2010d ago

So their recommendation is to 'not install'. Wow.

Dovahkiin2010d ago

They're not big on fixing things.

Blacktric2009d ago


Some people are still waiting for them to patch Skyrim on PC to solve missing NPCs or follower issues. PS3 users are still waiting for the DLCs. Meanwhile Doom 3 BFG is capped at 60 FPS, looks like crap and comes with censored versions of Doom. All of their so called "improvements" are aimed for console optimization and by optimization I mean corpses disappearing faster. Meanwhile Xbox version of Doom 3 can be played without worrying about such thing. They really are a great developer and I'm sure IGN and Gamespot and many other sites will choose Skyrim as their GOTY this year again. Cause why not? It's the best game ever...

DigitalAnalog2010d ago

Bethesda's reputation isn't getting any better is it?

Burning_Finger2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )


Its not like Besthesda didn't warn you in the first place. lol

HammadTheBeast2009d ago

Winner. Send me your credit card number for you prize.... lol joking.

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The story is too old to be commented.