Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Exclusivity In Doubt?

Videogamer writes:

"EA has today refused to comment on questions surrounding its deal with Microsoft to 'handle future publishing for Mass Effect'.

Earlier today EA confirmed that it is to publish sci-fi RPG Mass Effect for PC in May 2008. In the official press release, Frank Gibeau, President of EA's Games Label said: "EA has struck an agreement with Microsoft to handle future publishing for Mass Effect. We are looking forward to releasing Mass Effect on the PC this Spring and brand new titles in the future." contacted EA to ask five key questions relating to the 'future publishing for Mass Effect.'"

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fresco3687d ago

they probably sold pub rights to EA in exchange for timed exclusivity and another 3 years of Madden running at 30fps on PS3

sonarus3687d ago

if ps3 gains momentum this yr and starts to surpass 360 sales by a wider margin than 40k a week then i have no doubt ea will bend over for the ps3. On the other hand if not msoft with its struggling exclusives for 2008 will do everything in their power to keep it exclusive to their platform. So at this point it really could go either way. I hope it comes to ps3 mass effect was great rented it for my 360 but sometime around the launch of mgs4 i plan to sell my 360 and buy whatever extra special collectors edition konami plans to toss out lol. So knowing it will be one less exclusive i will be mission out of would make me feel less bad about sellin ol 360

JsonHenry3687d ago

Why does anyone care if it is exclusive or not? Wouldn't it be better for all gamers if this was available on their console of choice?

LaChance3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

lets just wait and see , its far easier than trying to tell the future
it might come to ps3 or it might not.

Lifendz3687d ago

I really hope EA gets it together for this years Madden on PS3.

sonarus3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

i had madden on 360 but most of my friends had it on ps3 and i played it enough times on ps3 to say personally the diff btwn the two were minimal at worst. Most times i couldnt tell the diff

solidt123687d ago

I bet that is really how things go on with these companies sadly.

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shotputking3687d ago

has anyone else noticed this extreme amount of secrecy in the video game industry? is there really a reason that a "no comment" had to be given to all 5 questions? it just seems odd that the policy is to keep gamers/consumers in the dark for as long as possible.

who cares if it becomes multiplatform? if that's the best choice for EA, then do it. the only thing that sounds like a sure thing is that both 2 and 3 have been given the greenlight, so we'll get more mass effect action in the future.

Tempist3687d ago

The 'no comment' was probably from a gag-order on Microsoft as to withhold information on EA's publishing plans for probably a time of 6 months.

p.s. what in gauds glorious name is with people and '30 fps'? Anything over 24 fps means you don't see huge skipping. Get over 30 fps.

Maddens Raiders3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I could care less, but it's fun to sit back and watch fanboys argue over internal corporate financial decisions, when clearly the PS3 is the frontrunner in next-gen gaming and is even drawing haters to the PS3 'web' -- soup to nuts. >_<

Rocko3687d ago

Then why is the 360 is the lead platform for development?

moparful993687d ago

correction panzer, 360 WAS the lead platform but now the ps3 is becoming the platform of choice. Hell developers are starting to praise the freedom that is granted to them once the become accustomed to the ps3 architecture. Rockstar has even bashed the 360 saying it held development back due to lack of a standard hdd and relatively small space of the dvd 9 format.

003687d ago

moparful the ps3 is BECOMING the platform of choice.

Rocko3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

LOL OK kid, you don't know sh*t. GTA was delayed because of the PS3. Rockstar was bound by contract to release both version simultaneously. The 360 version was ready to go, every screenshot and video was from the 360 version. The PS3 version was a ghost, you really believe it was ready for October? I hope your not that naive.

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Captain Tuttle3687d ago

It's a great game. Spread the wealth.

Silellak3687d ago

So basically, I know absolutely nothing more after reading this article than I did before. What a useless waste of bandwidth.

"We asked EA stuff. They didn't answer. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!"

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