Sony and Nintendo to be the 2012 holiday winners?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "So how will the holiday season play out? Looking at how things stand now, I think Nintendo and Sony are well placed. I have a question mark over Microsoft."

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mr_magic_mike1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

"But to me it strikes me as rather wise that Sony has conceded that a lot of “real” gamer dollars are going to be tied up by Nintendo this Christmas...

...There’s a couple of first-party “core” games (PlayStation All Stars) and third-party blockbusters (Call of Duty) that should give the more dedicated Sony gamer something to play this Christmas anyway."

That's... winning? That's only 2 games? Hmmm, I wonder what they have to say about Microsoft?

"Microsoft has a slight problem in that it is largely relying on two very big eggs, and hoping they don’t drop out of a very small basket. Forza and Halo look absolutely spectacular – it’s impossible to argue otherwise, and in fact the response to Halo 4 at the recent EB World Expo put it up there with the most popular games of the show.

But Microsoft doesn’t really have anything else."

LOGICWINS1982d ago

"...There’s a couple of first-party “core” games"

You only listed PS All Stars. Are there any others? Move titles perhaps?

mr_magic_mike1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I didn't write this article. That's what the author listed, hence the quotation marks.

LOGICWINS1982d ago

Okay lol. Well, do you personally know of any other PS3 exclusives coming out later in the year besides LBP Karting/PS All Starts? I'm already getting AC3, FC3, but I trying to figure out a 3rd game to buy.

JellyJelly1982d ago

"...There’s a couple of first-party “core” games (PlayStation All Stars) and third-party blockbusters (Call of Duty) that should give the more dedicated Sony gamer something to play this Christmas anyway."

Although COD has a history of selling better on the 360. Just saying.

MattS1982d ago

But... the point was that Sony's "casual" focus for this year's Christmas with Wonderbook and the like is wise, given Nintendo has a new console launch... and then there are a couple of "core" games to do with it...

mr_magic_mike1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Okay... that's the point the article lol.

My point was that the article is bias. The author does not even bother to paint Sony as "the winner", he just puts it in the title. From what I have read, they have the same holiday focus as Microsoft. There will be a few "core games", and a casual focus.

MattS1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

The headline was a question, not a statement - it's a piece to encourage discussion, not really argue a specific side. And the piece does outline why Sony seems to have the stronger casual play compared to Microsoft this year.

fermcr1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Nintendo will likely be a winner with the release of a new console (WiiU) and games for that console.

As for Sony, i don't see them as winners, exclusives wise. They simply don't have any exclusives worth mentioning for this Christmas... they might (???) get a piece of the casual market with Wonderbook and will sell consoles with multiplat titles and bundles.

Microsoft might be a winner since they have 2 big hitters, Halo and Forza, and have temporary exclusive deals for Call of Duty. They also have bundles that will probably sell a few consoles.

GribbleGrunger1982d ago

If the author of this piece is talking in terms of worldwide sales, then yes, Sony could possibly get a larger slice of this Christmas than MS (but I think Nintendo is almost guaranteed the largest slice regardless). If the author is talking about sales this Christmas in America, then I think he's wrong and that it will be Nintendo and Microsoft that get the larger slice with Sony propping up the rear. We'll see.

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DivineAssault 1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

well, look at it this way, what is nintendo getting this yr that sony isnt or doesnt already have? after u rule those out, then look at what u get for the money.. Should be a simple decision... Exclusives dont have to be pumped out every month of the yr now do they?? Nintendo fans of all ppl should know that.. PS3 owners get all multiplats (not some), plus a couple 1st party exclusives & vita owners get a truck load of exclusives... Plus u know, things like online, trophies, blu ray, psn, etc.. Oh & nx yr????? lol not even going there..

Both companies should do well.. Hell, even MS has halo to move some units too.. I must say that PS3 buyers/owners will be very VERY happy in the months following the holidays... Maybe even Wii U buyers.. MAYBE

greenpowerz1982d ago

Nope...Sounds like damage control on the levels republicans must be formulating right now after tonight's presidential debate.

Mario vs Halo

That's it.. Those are the facts.

xursz1982d ago

Are we all gamers or sales analysts?! Smh half the 'news' on this site is sales data or opinion pieces predicting future sales data.

Cocozero1982d ago

MS has the biggest exclusive lineup and with COD they will easily top Sony, like they have every year

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Blankman851982d ago

Halo 4, Forza 4 and Dance Central 3 say Microsoft have got a pretty good holiday line up. Fable The Journey is also in there as well as Sesame Street which is sure to get a bundle this holiday season.

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