Will Battle Royale Bring Unity to the PlayStation Universe?

There’s been a lot of talk about whether PlayStation’s cast of characters are iconic, or recognizable enough to carry a party brawler like PlayStation All-Stars, and this touchy topic has been largely pushed due to the widespread belief that Nintendo, in contrast to PlayStation, has an arsenal of creative, nostalgic, and identifiable mascots. With all 20 PlayStation All-Stars revealed, why don’t we take an objective look at Super Smash Bros, and what Battle Royale can do for PlayStation as a whole.

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Y_51502046d ago

I played SSB Melee today and it was amazing fun, I missed playing that game! Back on topic, it will bring unity. It has already started, remember Playstation move heros? Though the game probably wasn't good. It combined a couple of Playstation's greatest names! And this game will further the growing unity.

-Mika-2046d ago

I personally think this game is better than the SSB series. Just from playing the beta, Im in love. It a faster and aggressive SSB without the stupid ringouts. This game is basically what i wanted in SSB. After playing the beta today. I am definitely going to go out and preorder.

cpayne932046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

But to me those ring outs are why I love smash bros. Nothing is quite as satisfying as sending someone flying, and you can't send them the same distance in All stars. If you get frustrated when playing smash bros, I would say you're playing it the wrong way. It's not about being competitive, though it can be, its about laughing and having fun. All the suicide kills, blasting people off the screen, along with the random moments of hilarity is what make Smash Bros what it is, and that's why I love it so much.

Smash Bros is one of my favorite series ever, and I don't think All Stars will beat it, but that doesn't mean it won't be a great game. I'm downloading the beta now and I'm looking forward to playing it, in fact, It might be the only new release I buy this year.

Edit: Also, I really hope All Stars has a lot to unlock, melee and brawl kept me addicted for a long time getting all those trophies, maps, and characters.

Agheil2046d ago

I love both games, have been playing SSB since the 64 but WOW I played all stars today and I had my doubts but after 1 match, THEY"RE GONE!! I'm not even boosting it, the game is really addictive and hate that I played it when I have 2 midterms and a calc test this week because I can't stop thinking about playing one more round lol

Thatguy-3102046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

I disagree with you. Playstation battle royale is good game from what ive played but its no where near the SSB series especially SSBB game. For one I truly don't understand why they didnt just make everyone brawl for close combat. Characters like redic really frustrate me because they just shoot with the sniper the whole time and their level meter increase faster. Idk everything in SSBB felt more balanced out and the ring outs were useful when we had to take care of stronger individuals. Even though I'm going to get disagrees I'm calling it now that Playstation battle royale is a miss opportunity to compete against SSBB. From the character's to the move set this game just doesn't do it for me.

sinncross2046d ago

I prefer the game to Smash but its so different that I can switch between this and Smash and it will feel like I am playing something unique every time.

So my place, friends and I will play PSBR. At my friends place we will play Smash. Its all good in gaming world if you ask me.

cpayne932046d ago

Yeah I just finished playing melee with a few friends actually, one of the best party games ever imo. Plus one of my friends was drunk so that made it even better!

smashcrashbash2046d ago

I really don't care about comparing it to SSB. As long as it's fun and functional and has a whole bunch of unlocks I am happy. I have been playing games for years and I never gave a crap who was copying whom or what game looks more like what game. All I care about is gameplay and fun. And as long as PASBR has solid gameplay and is fun to play I am as good as sold on it.I played Battle Area Toshinden, Soul Caliber and Tekken and never considered once that they were all similar in many ways. I played every STF 'clone' there was and enjoyed them just as much as STF itself.World Heroes rocked.

stragomccloud2046d ago

Thank you. People gotta' stop comparing it to Smash. The looks like a fun new game too~ But Smash wil always hold a special place.

omarzy2046d ago

I have been playing the beta and i wish i could say it was amazing. Its just too easy. Using the Hellghast, press that triangle button 2 or 3 times, the cicle for the rocket, and then super. Done! I just killed someone and i didn't even have to move.

The game is somewhat fast paced, which is great, but not enough/any aerial combat, which just makes the air dodges look like fan service to smash bros players.

It is too easy, but it just started today, so i hope it grows on me.

smashcrashbash2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Wait you think it is too easy because you took the one character that can stand far enough away and you fought a bunch of noobs. You were just lucky that you didn't fight people who know how to play well. They would have come after you kicked you butt.I have watched many people on videos take down Radec.Once people get into the game more you won't be able to do that. No one will let you get far enough to do that. Try playing with melee characters and come back and tell me it's easy.Playing cheap is always easy.It was easy to pick up Magneto, Blackheart, Iron Man, Cable or Sentinel in MVC and win a match but that didn't make the whole game easy.Try playing it with Rouge, Mega Man or Gambit and tell me it's easy. Besides if he turns out to be too powerful they will just do to him what they did to Sly.

omarzy2046d ago

"You were just lucky that you didn't fight people who know how to play well."

Dude, the beta launch, like, 4 hours ago. I don't think i would have run into any "top dogs" Even if they do get close, i just use flamethrower and then a square combo.

Sly is even worse. Jump and then square. He smahes down and you press triangle for his electric sonic the hedgehog ball(not familiar with the Sly series)

Kratos. square and arrows until i get level 3 super. Bam! one hit kill with that big sword.

"Playing cheap is always easy." This is a fighting game. Big difference between cheap and not having to move(in a fighting game) to get a kill.

Not gonna be long after launch that we will see forum complaints about Raiden.

KonaBro2046d ago

I can guarantee you that you won because you played people who didn't know what they were doing. I've been playing since the private beta first started and your strategies are so full of holes it's hilarious. I'd love to see you use that against me or some of the guys on NeoGAF and see if that mess flies. :)

omarzy2046d ago

"I can guarantee you that you won because you played people who didn't know what they were doing."

Highly possible, however not 100 percent possible.

I never mentioned any strategies either. Every that i said is done by standing still or pressing x just one time to jump. I don't consider those to be strategies at all. I moved around more with Sly because he is a lot of fun, but he is complimented by side steps so well that it is almost unfair.

shivvy242046d ago

It will bring ------ HAPPINESS -------

sincitysir12046d ago

I agree with it being too easy! Too easy for a good character. Two kratos. One sly and one helghast the guy did not move at all. He won by 4 kills! I like the game a lot tho. I was ever good at SSb but I'm actually good at this one. It's easy to learn

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