Daily Reaction: IGN up for Sale, PSLS Offers 2 Cents

In light of today’s news that the popular gaming media giant IGN is being sold off, the Daily Reaction crew weighs in to see what the future may hold. As the reality is that the backbone of any industry, even gaming and its media, is still a business, the ramifications that may be felt by this decision might be seen for years to come.

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doctorstrange2048d ago

Good to see the Murdoch empire shrinking.

Akuma-2048d ago

PSLS is ridiculous, IGN isnt worth that much

doctorstrange2048d ago

Those aren't PSLS' made up figures, they're official ones...

Foolsjoker2048d ago

If you actually read the article, PSLS agrees with you.

dbjj120882048d ago

Anything that takes away from Fox News is a good thing.

doctorstrange2048d ago

Why? News Corp isn't having the best time with online.

FarCryLover1822048d ago

Why doesn't News Corp auction off Fox News????

Hopefully IGN's buyer is a good company.

Foolsjoker2048d ago

My money is on Viacom. They almost bought them the first time, and this time they will actually spend less to get more.

telekineticmantis2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

expect a pro Microsoft IGN, just like Gametrailers. Viacom/Microst Business partners. That's almost a monopoly for media for Microsoft.

Atleast Murdoch is Money hungry, and will do anything for money, companies might be able to buy review scores, but atleast then it's an even playing field. Viacom changes that to a monopoly, fishing and eating from the same pond.

knifefight2048d ago

I would buy IGN if I thought it was possible to save it, but....

SpinalRemains1382046d ago

Murdoch's oriental wife should be in Battle Royale All Stars