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The rise and fall of Resident Evil

“Resident Evil” is one of the most beloved and successful franchises in gaming. The series has received multiple Game of the Year awards and has sold over 50 million copies worldwide.

The first three games on the PlayStation 1 popularized the survival horror genre and “Resident Evil 4” is widely considered one of the greatest games ever created.

This is why it’s utterly heartbreaking to see the once great “Resident Evil” crumble and collapse under the pressure of its own weight.

How did this happen? How did “Resident Evil” go from top dog to a chew toy? (PC, PS3, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 6, Retro, Xbox 360)

HarryMasonHerpderp  +   830d ago

Will wait for the reboot of the series.
If that ends up sucking we always have http://andriasang.com/con0s...
Digimortal  +   830d ago
The series doesn't need a reboot. There is so much stuff left to cover. They are a long way out for a reboot. Capcom can easily go back to the classic vibe if they want to.
Lovable  +   830d ago
I love the direction RE is going. Keep doing what you're doing Capcom(except the DLC bs and re-release crap)

Will always be supporting the franchice.

Lovable :)
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   830d ago
Broken QTE action?

No thanks.
TheMutator  +   830d ago
Resident Evil 4 was the beginning of the end... period!!!
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DanielForth  +   830d ago
Yes, it put them on the wrong path, but RE4 still maintained the spirit of resident evil.
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Armyntt  +   830d ago
RE4 was/is one of the best games for me ever. Ive been gaming since 84/85
ape007  +   830d ago
absolutely masterful, almost perfect, completely awe inspiring, my second fav resi game is RESI 2, shame i didn't play 1 or 3 cause i had an N64 only back then but i heared great great things about them, I hope 1 day they remake RESI 2 just like they did with RESI 1 remake on the gamecube
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cooperdnizzle  +   830d ago
That sucks if ya think re4 is one of the best games. To each there own, but i would think ya don't play a lot of games if that is at the top
ape007  +   830d ago
Resi 4....simply the best resi game of all time
spektical  +   830d ago
oh how the mighty have fallen. RE5 was the start of the massive blunder for a very successful franchise in terms of content and quality.
ape007  +   830d ago
im in my first hour and half of resi 6 on leon campaign, it's a blast so far, it's a high quality game, of course if u compared it to 1-4 you'll be disappointed but try to play it as it is, it's good so far
cooperdnizzle  +   830d ago
Leon has a good campaign the other suck really really bad
TheDivine  +   830d ago
Thing is this group wants slow classic RE, this group want a RE4 clone, this group wants more action and fluidity exc. Capcom made the best game for the biggest audience of fans. More of this and these people bitch, less of this and they bitch and so on. It tried some new stuff for sure, some good and some not so good. As a whole its a really good game and well worth the 60 bucks (i rarely buy day 1 anymore).

As a RE its in the middle. I liked 4 more and Revelations more (others prob like 3 or CV more). As any ol' game its one of the best period. People judge it too harshly for not being RE1, RE4, or whatever they personally wanted. My only real gripe is how certain games like MGS, RE4, Metroid, Zelda all use specific level design and specific tools/guns at certain points. They involve exploration for better gear and backtracking for better gear. This RE is all forward except for a few specif points. Feels like MGS4 or FF13. Linear. I will say the find 3 pieces of a whatever to make a key sucks. Spending 2 hours looking around sometimes sucks but i want the option. I want to be rewarded if i do. I loved finding the shotgun in Revelations (but i couldnt get it). I had to go further and find the item to unlock it and then go back for it. Took 2 hours but i felt so rewarded and happy when i got that gun. It was almost neccessary for the next boss also. Things like that and finding a magnum are a rush and addictive. Theres weapons in 6 but they tell you where. Theres nothing to find but skill points and medals. No attachments, bulletproof vests, no money to upgrade weapons exc. That wouldve gone a long way to for me personally.

Im finishing up my second campain right now (at ch.4 on Leons but thats for last). I can say it has the RE dna still. Certain levels and sections reminded me of every single game so far. It does need sub-chapters though. Chapter 1 of everyone took like 2 hrs. It needed 4 sub-chapters for S ranking and replay purposes. Hate having to go through a long ass level again with 3 different sections and environments. Good game though, really fun minus a few frustrating "what the F were they thinking when they designed this" sections.

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