Capcom responds to objectification of women complaint for ‘Resident Evil 6’

The recently-released multiplatform title, “Resident Evil 6,” includes a few scenes and gameplay segments that a fan found to be an objectification of women. He or she would eventually submit a complaint to Capcom via their forums. Here is the response from Christian Svensson (the Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President of Capcom).

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jc485732015d ago

not much of a response.

-Mika-2015d ago

What objectification. Outside of that boss battle. The female characters in this game are presented well. Look at Ada,Helena and Sherri. I think whoever is complaining about this is just looking for attention.

thorstein2014d ago

I, however, would like complain about the objectification of men in RE6, as long as I get some money out of it!

Pozzle2015d ago

There are many things that I can complain about in the Resident Evil series, but the representation of female characters was never really one of them. Tbh, I think that (for the most part) female characters have been fairly well represented in the series.

ShaunCameron2014d ago

Some people got way too much free time.

Heavenly King2014d ago

So male characters can look good, but females must look horrible?? WTF is this nonsense?!

I believe that thinking that "every woman must look like crap" in games an movies is a serious case of misogyny.


HarryMasonHerpderp2014d ago

to be fair I'm more insulted with Chris's biceps than anything else in RE.

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The story is too old to be commented.