HD DVD Group Responds to Netflix, Best Buy News

The HD DVD Promotions Group has issued a statement following a pair of news stories Monday that saw two leading brands in the home entertainment industry endorsing Blu-ray.

The statement (which was first published by CNET late Monday) calls Netflix's decision to exclusively back Blu-ray "unfortunate," while emphasizing that although Best Buy will recommend Blu-ray, the retailer will continue to stock HD DVD.

The complete text of the HD DVD Group's statement follows below:

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sonarus3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

awwww "at least they stocking hd-dvd". Thats the first time they havnt tried to put a positive spin behind anything. I'm still hoping they can drop the price of hd-dvd to $0 so i can get my 5 free hd-dvd movies cus i knw i wouldnt pay a cent for none of this.

GodsHand3786d ago

Is that what you read?

I read as follows:

We don't know what to do.

marinelife93786d ago

They need to hire some of their fanboys to write responses. They do a much better job putting spins on bad news.

beoulve3786d ago

this is like leeroy jenkins....."at least i got chicken"

mikeslemonade3785d ago

And that ladies and gentlemen is classic loser speak. We feel "so and so" and it's sad that they "so and so'd". Typical and formulaic why don't they just shutup and just say "no comment".

StrboyM3785d ago


bubbles for joo my friend!!

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cloud3603786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

No comment. They talking out ass now and always will if they cant admit defeat

UnblessedSoul3786d ago

Why can't they just give up

fenderputty3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

There just riding it all the way into the ground.

If you can't see it as I can't ...

SoulReaper3786d ago

they just waiting for all the suckers to buy hddvd out there then call it quits..

YoMeViet3786d ago

They sure are stubborn, I hope this cost them more money. Heck, maybe another Super Bowl-like commercial will help them. LOL