Director Martin Touhey On Creating The Definitive Dragon's Lair Documentary.

8bitfix writes: I remember playing Dragon's Lair for the first time, in the midst of rotting fruit. It's 1984 and I am playing the machine just feet away from day old cabbage and bruised pears. I am standing completely engrossed by the game as people are buying raisins and cigarettes. The first time was in a supermarket. How strange these bedfellows, but this was the world of arcades in 1984; they were everywhere. Here I was being read scripture by Dirk The Daring, as he lay forth the groundwork to worship him and his adventure in buffoonery. Almost 30 years later, I am still on the religious mission to convert as many people as possible to Don Bluth and Gary Goldman's singular, and utterly gorgeous game. When I heard that director Martin Touhey was in the process of creating what is looking to be the definitive documentary on Dragon's Lair.

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