PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta is Now Live for PS Plus Members

DualShock Nexus: We here at DualShock Nexus are happy to inform you that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is now available for download on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Plus members. If you have been aching to try this beta now is your chance to do so.

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GraveLord1378d ago

People are reporting errors. Servers are probably overloaded. Be patient people! Superbot is working to stabilize the servers.

jjb19811377d ago

I tried for 3 hours straight trying to get into a match...

KangarooSam1378d ago

It keeps saying failed to connect on my Vita and some long error code. So frustrating -_- Is this happening for anyone else?

-Alpha1378d ago

Cant connect on PS3, give it some time, it should be fine in an hour or so.

By the way, there's a tutorial mode

KangarooSam1378d ago

Yeah, I completed it already and have been trying to get online for half an hour lol. Thanks, though.

Treezy5041378d ago

I did the tutorial mode as well and only thing I never knew about was air dodging. I just tried connecting to a buddy ad it says failed to connect. Probably just a minor server issue.

wastedcells1378d ago

Ya not working for me on vita or ps3

GuruStarr781378d ago

found it on my vita by simply typing the word 'beta' into the ps store search field.... downloading now

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The story is too old to be commented.