8 minutes of PlayStation All-Stars character trailers

Take a look at six character trailers for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale totaling over eight minutes.

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RmanX10001980d ago

You gotta do what??
I gotta redeem!
You sure about that??
I Gotta relieve!
You gotta do what??
I Gotta Receive!
But most important?

shivvy241980d ago

have a bubble , i wanna hear more man !

Ben_Grimm1980d ago



Fullmetalevolust1980d ago

I don't think the Store was updated in my region (I'm in the US), does anyone else feel that way?
I don't see any new content, whether it's the vita or the ps3.

Fullmetalevolust1980d ago

can't edit my own post, just started dlding PSASBR. Not sure why it's been delayed today, I thought the new face-lift for the store wasn't scheduled until next week. Was there any maintenance done last night?

GraveLord1980d ago

There was maintenance last night, I don't know why though since the store doesn't update till next week in the US. Maybe they're also doing some improvement to the network?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1980d ago

dl'd the beta but can't connect on ps3 OR vita.

FullMetalTech1980d ago

Check the stores now. I just got my update on the east coa we.

Fullmetalevolust1980d ago

yeah, I just started dldling PSASBR and saw some new content on the Vita, guess they're rolling in a bit screen name btw :)

Lionalliance1980d ago

Expect some slow connections, a lot of people are downloading it.

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