Nintendo Describes How Miiverse Can be a Hub for Competition

Nintendo likes to talk about how Miiverse will propel competitive play, but has usually danced around the issue of what that setup will look like. Now we've got a few concrete examples.

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guitarded772076d ago

From article:
"Nintendo isn’t ready to reveal some online details including voice chat for certain games"

Well, they better get ready... 32 days left to launch, and there are still a lot of questions I have. I've already pre-ordered and pre-paid, and Nintendo is all mum about Miiverse features. It kinda pisses me off... what are they afraid of/waiting for. The pre-orders are sold out worldwide... why aren't they giving us more details to get more pumped.

Benjamminkno2076d ago

Yeah, quite honestly, they'd better make their online capabilities just as good or better than Microsoft, because if not, this would be a dealbreaker for thousands of pre-orders. Nintendo is treading thin ice if they can't put up a reasonable online service. Let's not pretend that Nintendo hasn't disappointed before. We expect some results with all those Wii profits. Let's have something to show for it.

guitarded772076d ago

Well, they already confirmed they're staying with friend codes for online, so that really pisses me off, but it's not a deal breaker. I'm buying the Wii U for Nintendo exclusives, not online shooters, but I really wanted them to have user names on the accounts like virtually all other social gaming platforms. What I'm most interested in is seeing how they plan on implementing trophies/achievements in Miiverse, and how your Miiverse activity will update to Facebook and Twitter, which I've heard them talk about, but not in detail. I just want Nintendo to do a full 1 - 2 hour video press event and show Miiverse and apps in depth... and also end the information blackout for God's sake. Nintendo is the worst at giving info to gamers. I've even directly contacted a press agent for Nintendo, and they tell me they're not ready to reveal that information yet. On a good note, I took a glance at the November issue of GameInformer today, and it had an article with the specs for Wii U. I couldn't buy it because it wasn't for sale yet, but my friend at GameStop let me check it out. I hate GameStop, but the guys who work at my local store are really great about giving me any info as soon as they get it.

DeadlyFire2076d ago

Well I am going to assume you can link your friend code to an actual account this time around.

That is my hope anyway.

legendoflex2076d ago

I assume they're waiting to fully finalize things like the look and feel, what content they actually want to show in whatever demo presentation they cook up, etc.

AlucardFury2076d ago

Oh c'mon!!!! Friend Codes again!!!!!

PopRocks3592076d ago

Have you ever seen the FC system on the 3DS? It's not particularly bad.

AlucardFury2076d ago

I completely agree PopRocks its just that I really wish Nintendo would adopt an account system in which it has a purchase history list and it being universal, I could access the same content between my 3DS and soon to own WiiU (basically Virtual Console games). Also its much easier to learn a username made by you than yet another set of numbers when you what to add or get added by someone.

PopRocks3592076d ago

The thing is the 3DS DOES have a username system. You just have to input a FC in order to have each other on your friends list. And contrary to what people think, that process on the 3DS is similar to the 360 friend list. You just input a number digit code as oppose to a username.

Also the Wii U does have a confirmed account system. Up to twelve, if I'm not mistaken. As for the online account system you want, I don't know if they've shown anything of it. Personally I hope they do it as well.

GameLord082076d ago

They are also adopting an account system alongside friend codes - that's what Nintendo Network is for. One Wii U can store up to 12 accounts.