The Great Wii Internal Memory Debate

With over 200 games currently available on the Virtual Console service and the impending arrival of WiiWare, one thing seems to be concerning a vast number of Wii owners (if the comments on VC:R are anything to go by) and that's internal memory storage.

The Wii comes equipped with 512MB of internal storage for things like game saves, Virtual Console titles and other downloadable content. Unsurprisingly, this is proving to be far too small an amount of memory, especially for dedicated VC fans that have downloaded countless retro games using the service.

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PS360WII3779d ago

Yeah I don't care what they do just as long as they do it! If they make it so only their external HDD will work on the Wii so be it just make it already. Having the ability to play games off that Wii SD card they sell would work too. This 'just delete' mentality they have now is icky :(

GodsHand3779d ago

*hint* Emultors & roms.

If they don't want you buying them, then find alternet means of getting them.

PS360WII3779d ago

oh sure but I like being a consumer ^^

BrotherNick3779d ago

I commend you for helping the business gain revenue...I may when I get out of school. :)

l Drop Dead Ed l3779d ago

I'm pretty sure they have a plan, but I'm scared that there going to stick to their philosophy on "Once you buy it, you can delete it and dwnload it again." Honestly, I don't see that as a convenient and user friendly approach Nintendo seems to pitch.
I see a HDD coming when WiiWare is ready to go. That would be the best time to do it if not earlier. C'mon Nintendo you know wii want it!

ItsDubC3779d ago

As far as I'm concerned, the success of WiiWare will be heavily influenced by Nintendo's decision to expand beyond the use of internal memory and SD cards.

PS360WII3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

yes that is true. One thing Nintendo does is stick to it's guns and they've said the memory in the Wii is enough so most likely I'll just get to pout about it ^.-

Edit: ah ha re-read your post and my reply doesn't make sense. Hopefully WiiWare is a smashing success so they do bring a HDD or something as an extra memory to the Wii ^^

GodsHand3779d ago

Resident Evil 2 for the N64 is a massive 512MB cart. If that ever gets realeased as a VC game, does the Wii have enough memory?

I know you can also get it on a Gamecube disc. Good luck if you try getting it new for a good price. Not going to bother to look for it, but back in the day these Resident Evil Gamecube games were going for a pretty penny. Just off the top of my head Resident Evil 3 was going for $1,000.00 from the Capcom offical site.

PS360WII3779d ago

1000 bucks for the GC version! Holy crimminy if I didn't care about my collection I'd sell that easily

X3779d ago

And to think that the ports of resident evil 2 and 3 are worth more than the resident evil remake. Amusing.

Kwertie3779d ago

Consoles in the 90's used bits as a measure of storage, not bytes. The Wii has 512 Megabytes, Resident Evil on the N64 is 512 Megabits, which is 64 Megabytes.

GodsHand3779d ago

My bad. your are correct sir.

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Eretik3779d ago

N-do must resolve this issue. Any method is appropriate for me, external drive, external SD-card or SD-memory. In fact, I do not care.

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The story is too old to be commented.