Koei wants more western gamer love

Koei is thinking about you Western gaming people! For a while now, the Dynasty Warriors has been trying look outside Japan and morph into a more international company. Admirable! Koei exec Naoki Katashima hopes to make that happen. He's just been promoted to VP of Koei UK, Koei France and Koei North America - all very different markets. Says Katashima:

This new mid-term plan is a very significant development for Koei... The plan demonstrates our renewed commitment to our western businesses and the importance with which Koei views the markets outside of Japan. This plan establishes an entirely new division that unifies all of Koei's western territories, and represents a substantial part of the company overall... Now more than ever, Koei's development studios, and sales and marketing teams around the world are working more closely together to develop remarkable entertainment experiences for video gamers across the globe.

It's always nice to see companies try to grow. Hopefully, this new plan will consist of less Dynasty Warriors and more other stuff.

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InMyOpinion3591d ago

Make your games up to date, KOEI. Your games are the same as they were on the PS1.

Mainman3591d ago

Once Naruto and Afro-Samurai hit, they'll get plenty of Western gamer lover (at least from my end), I hope they'll release these games soon though.

Douchebaggery3591d ago

Just stop releasing sh!t on a disc and you'll get my love.

green3591d ago

The last Dynasty warriors was horrrible.Played it for 10mins and felt i had wasted a huge portion of my life.(okay it wasnt that bad).

Koei all you need are very good games and you will get all the western love you long for.

PS360WII3591d ago

Yeah I agree with all of you. They just need to make a decent game for the westerns to like you

VirusE3591d ago

Koei wants more western gamer love..... then quit making the same innovative crap

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The story is too old to be commented.