Strategy Informer: Penumbra: Black Plague Review

Strategy Informer writes:

"So it's all about the puzzles then, and the obvious point of reference here would be Half Life II, which many players still consider to be the undisputed king of physics-puzzling FPS action. Indeed in many ways still is. Whilst the integration of the physics system within the environment in Penumbra is certainly more deeply-ingrained, the puzzles themselves never quite reach the same level of ingenuity as the classic Valve title.

At the end of the day however, this is a different experience to almost any other first-person title out there, and for that reason alone we can definitely recommend any PC owner to give it a try. Give the downloadable demo for Black Plague a half-hours worth of play, and if you find yourself sucked in, go back to Overture and work your way through. Just be sure to turn off the lights before you enter the bunker."

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