Obsidian adds one final $4M stretch goal for Project Eternity [UPDATE: Goal reached]

With five hours left to go, Obsidian has added one final stretch goal for Project Eternity - at $4M, they'll "enhance the whole game".

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UPDATE: With $3,986,929 plus Paypal, the goal was easily reached.

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JonahFalcon1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

C'mon people. Force Chris Avellone to play Arcanum, dammit. (Pre-patch, of course.)

Lucreto1863d ago

Last week I didn't see them making it to $3 million but they powered through that and on $3.7 million.

JonahFalcon1863d ago

They have $130K in Paypal, too. So they're close.

Lucreto1863d ago

Didn't see the Paypal figures.

So its $3,930,000 now.

Summons751863d ago

To bad it's Obsidian so the game is automatically doomed to be a buggy and broken mess like everything else that they touch. Such a waste of money...*sigh*

Irishguy951863d ago

Hopefully they won't get rushed for once.

mistajeff1863d ago

you clearly didn't play dungeon siege 3. also, they're building with this unity + their own toolsets, and the backgrounds are all 2D. this is a labor of love, with no publisher forcing it out the door within a 12 month window like kotor 2 and new vegas.

Summons751863d ago

dungeon siege 3 was terrible and don't even get me started on those 3rd rate voice actors!

Obsidian is one of the worst developers on the planet, stop trying to defend them by crying about the time they get. If they can't do their job and do it properly then they should look elsewhere for employment, simple as that.

mistajeff1862d ago

maybe you didn't like dungeon siege 3-- but it was definitely NOT a buggy game. if you think so poorly of them, why bother buying their games? why even bother commenting on stories like this? and the only reason i'm "crying" about how much time they get is because when your QA process gets axed, it's obviously going to have a massive negative impact on the final product. if you take the time to fully soak in their work, you'll find some of the best writing in the medium.

NovaSethyr1863d ago

I don't mind if they didn't reach their final goal, if only barely. They already made huge and vast additions to the game that I'm insanely stoked to play it. I'm gonna be watching the development on this closely, and I gotta learn to be patient with it too.

JonahFalcon1862d ago

They did reach their goal. $150K was also raised on Paypal - it counts.

Baliw1863d ago

This is like having a child.
How long? How long? April 2014.

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