‘Uncharted 3: Game of the Year’ Super Slim PS3 Bundle may get a price drop

Sony Computer Entertainment may be dropping the official price tag for the recently released “Uncharted 3: Game of the Year” Super Slim Playstation 3 Bundle.

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DivineAssault 1884d ago

There.. sony is giving a dub out to the ppl who are pissed about the price

C0MPUT3R1884d ago

WTF SONY?. They should of just dropped the price from the beginning.

Knight_Crawler1883d ago

This is why I neverget why people on here want any of the big 3 to die.

Competion is good for us the customer...I am not saying that Nintendos and MS price drop have anything to do woth Sony dropping the prices but I am sure they are not just going to stand their and watch the other consoles eat up the xmas season.

So stop wishing death on any console.

solar1884d ago

Sony needs to move hardware. $199. Take xmas. But they never do. Sony is gonna get crushed this xmas. With Wii-U and how Xbox normally does during the holidays....

DJ1884d ago

I don't doubt it. Sony needs to sell as much hardware as possible this year before PS4 is announced.

Neko_Mega1883d ago

I don't see how anyone can be upset about the price, its cheaper then the last Uncharted 3 Bundle.

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