Touch Screen, UMD-free, PSP2 - experts claim

Sony's PSP2 will feature a touch-screen, with UMD's ditched in favour of internal flash memory game downloads and improved PS3 link-up - predicts a panel of industry experts recently polled by PSM3. "What Sony needs to do now is ride it (PSP) out until their next portable machine and try for a restart", reveals respected technology journal Wired's Chris Kohler, "Maybe add a touch screen. That's certainly an excellent time to get rid of UMD."

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Capt CHAOS3750d ago

UMD wasn't a dead format..

marinelife93750d ago

Go ahead and add dual analog sticks to please then I'll pick one up.

funkysolo3750d ago

You are not going to see it....PSP is $169 right now and is priced very well, why would sony take a biggggg loss on adding a 30 or 40 GB flash drive that would mean the psp would cost $250, which in turn means less units sold per month at a loss. UMD is perfect for gaming since it's cheap and mass produce and cheaper than DS cartridge. I think you are dreaming but UMD is a great product that allows enough information for a portable product

Doppy3750d ago

As far as a portable gaming device the PSP is great, but no one want to lag around UMD's when you can easily download a game from the PS Store. I think a UMD slot would be ok, but I'm all for the flash memory. With a UMD slot you have to buy memory sticks to use the other functions of the current PSP, and I listen to the mp3 player more than anything. And by the time the PSP2 releases (sometime after 2010) flash memory will see a drop in price, and more families will adopt computers into the homes giving nor people access not only to the internet, but more specifically to download games to their PSWhatever. Adding an extra analog stick is necessary, allowing emulators to be played is necessary, and since it's most likely going to be a phone, having a good carrier is necessary.

As far as UMD and Flash goes, both will due just fine, but flash is more preferred by me. In the end make a UMD version, and a flash version, I'm willing to pay more for flash. At least 30GB and a longer lasting battery.

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TheMART3750d ago

Well seen the latest sales per week in Japan Sony doesn't need to change anything for the PSP.

It outsold the DS last week and before that it was about on par. Because of Monster Hunter 2. The PSP just needs more great games like upcoming God of War, Patapon etc etc.

It doesn't need a touch screen. I hate that stupid stylus stuff

spandexxking3750d ago

touch screen could be good idea if ysed properly. but yeah i wouldnt want it in stylus form. ive noticed you defend the psp but your avatar suggests you dont like sony whats up with that?

cloud3603750d ago

PS3 to TheMart:

You only hate me coz am black

-thanks GT user

TheMART3750d ago

@ Spendexxking

I have a white 360, I have a white PSP. I like the PSP because of its ability to run homebrew stuff and some games. But there are few.

I dislike Sony because they always give so much promisses and delivers so few and so late.

PS2 they had blabla marketing that got people not to buy the Dreamcast and wait for the PS2. Then it launched and it wasn't that mighty in the graphics area. They promissed and delayed.

PS3 same story. PSP same story. Only thing is, as I already said, PSP is fun for homebrew. Only thing Sony did good is making it in ceramic white which I like (those black PSP's you'll see fingerprints all around, same with the PS3) and the PSP has good hardware for a handheld.

So. One can like some hardware from a company one doesn't like in general. The NDS has worse specs then my mobile phone. It is even older then last gen handheld hardware

ouch screen could be good idea if ysed properly. but yeah i wouldnt want it in stylus form. ive noticed you defend the psp but your avatar suggests you dont like sony whats up with that?

spandexxking3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

good points but i think the main reason the ps2 was a succsess was because it had games not because of them pulling one over on the consumer plus i dont think sega had the funds/marketing to keep their pace. ps3 is debatble but we have started to see some promise from it. the only thing the ps3 messed up on IMO is that they released an un finished product in terms of content, easily corrected in firmware but all the stuff it has now should of been there in the beginning then it would of got a better image. same with the 360 but except it was on the hardware side.(being rushed)

oh and ps3 fanboys dont disagree coz i consider myself a sony fanboy the difference being is that i can admit fault where there is one.

moparful993750d ago

Mart you hate on sony, but sony has been a blessing to the industry. You say that they over hyped and under delivered. I disagree with you, I point you to the games released in the last 5 years. Each subsequent game is that much more impressive. God of War 2 was a gorgeous game for the system and really shows what the system is capable of...

Now spandex you may dislike the firmware updates that sony releases but I love them. Simply because if there is an issue or they come up with new features you just simply download them. You say they screwed up by releasing an incomplete console but. I would rather recieve a feature in an update then have a consoles release delayed.....

GIJeff3750d ago

ps2 delivered a lot more than what i expected from it in the graphics department. Very few hits on the ps2 are even remotely possible on the dreamcast. The dreamcast was a good arcade level machine in '99. But it didnt have the processing power to remotely keep up with the ps2. (God of War, Final Fantasy 10, Gran Turismo 3 and 4, twisted metal black, etc..) Dreamcast had crazy taxy, the psp can do that without a hitch.

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predator3750d ago

i want crisis core already.

Iamback3750d ago

not going to happen for at least 2 years, so in 2010 tell me about this

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