Is Cloud Gaming the future?

Obviously one of the most talked about topics for the next-generation of consoles and beyond, is the subject of Cloud Gaming and digital downloads. Cloud gaming allows devices to stream video games from a remote server that perform heavy-duty processing before sending compressed audio and video back to the users device. Digital downloads are pretty self-explanatory as we’ve already been witness to it this generation with things like Games OnDemand for the Xbox 360 and PSN Day 1 Digital on Playstation 3.

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MultiConsoleGamer1881d ago

The future is in the clouds.

Just need to get past the bandwidth problems.

Neko_Mega1881d ago

I ant to play it now!!!

ArronC071881d ago

No, the future isn't a cloud and/or digital only future. It's been over 10 years since the 'death of cd's' and cd album sales still out pace digital albums.

Catoplepas1880d ago

That's only because 95% of music downloaded is done so illegally, and therefore not tracked.

sly-Famous1880d ago

Far from it, its no doubt part of the future but consumers still want to be able to handle their software/hardware.

Bladesfist1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

PC has chosen digital, I give it 2 gens till consoles follow suit. Here is a little pros vs cons.

- Free to manufacture
- The above opens up the industry to small independent developers which leads to more games.
- Savings can be passed on to consumers.
- Good for the environment.
- Developers can work up until launch and then pass the updated build to the distributors.
- No damaged discs.
- No used game sales (Publishers are pushing for this already).
- HDDs read faster than DVD or Blu Ray drives so less loading / texture pop in.

- No selling your game (excluding Europe if that new law gets enforced).
- No physical item (This is only a con if you like collecting discs).

Feel free to expand it if you like but this is all I could think of. In my opinion digital is inevitable. Cloud is too new for me to decide.

AtomicGerbil1880d ago

Major con: At the mercy of extortionate publisher pricing. Look at some of the digital prices that Activision and EA are putting out there, £59.99 (that's $96.97 to our U.S brethren) for games I can buy new in the shops for less than half that.

I understand that publishers right now want to avoid rocking the boat with retailers who are selling disc based games, but these prices are a joke and certainly not a sign that savings will be passed on to the consumer. In fact I fear it will be quite the reverse with the greedier of publishers.

Bladesfist1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Good point, but most games on steam are priced well and there are a lot of sales. It just seems like consoles need a good service. Most new releases on steam (dishonored and xcom for example) release at £30. Take a look at what competition does for digital sales here:

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