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ENE3: "Fable: The Journey puts ourselves in the shoes of Gabriel, a young adventurer on a journey that is inserted by accident, or at least he thinks so. The story takes place 50 years after the end of Fable III Albion which is being suppressed by a dark force called "Corruption".

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ChunkyLover532045d ago

Good review, more people need to give this gem a chance. So often people disrespect on Kinect games simply because they don't like Kinect. This game is pretty good and works very well.

Shadonic2045d ago

well this reviewer said the total oppisite of that guess hes doing something right while those other guys are doing something wrong. While most of the reviews for it are good i still wonder why people just cant let it go theres a good kinect game.

wastedcells2045d ago

A good kinect game is dance central.

Bigpappy2045d ago

What is special about this game(for a Kinect game)is that you can play the whole game sitting.