"We're not making another Black game" - Criterion

In an interview with D+PAD Magazine, Criterion Games has quashed rumours that Black 2 is in development.

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GodsHand3262d ago

Good the first Black game sucked a$$. The commercials were good, but failed to deliver on the intense action, of making it seem you could destroy the envoirment aswell, but you could not.

Relcom3262d ago

The first Black failed as far as a immersive story but, it delivered where it counts....Gameplay. It looked and played great thats what matters. Its was a blast to play.

GodsHand3262d ago

It was an ok, FPS.

I bought it based on the commercial i've seen for it. (see 1st post)

That commercial was saying "hey, look what physics this game has, then you play it, and what's this... I can't destroy everything."

That's just my opinion, they could of atleast put a 'run' option.

actas1233262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

No way man! Black is a legend.
Black is my no 1 FPS on all last gen consoles. That game was amazing..Alo Its the game that led me to believe gamespot is junk since they gave it a 7/10 score.. IGN score was 8.9. Too bad they are not working on a sequel..

i Shank u3262d ago

i liked black too, it was a fun mindless shooter that belongs in this next-gen with some crazed-up HD visuals

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mullet3262d ago

I loved the first one. Too bad.

jinn3262d ago

another? when was the first one?

BrianC62343262d ago

Are you serious? Black was a great game. This news is too bad. I'd love to see Black 2 on the PS3. Black was about guns and shooting everything up. With the power of the PS3 and real physics it would be a really fun game.

actas1233262d ago

Given its a last gen title, Its graphics are truly near next gen. Also the gameplay is fantastic. I love that game. I wish they make a sequel.

BrianC62343262d ago

Maybe Criterion will make Black 2 one day. What I got from this interview really is they aren't working on Black 2 and have no plans to. But it doesn't say they won't make it. I'm sure it would sell great.

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The story is too old to be commented.