Eurogamer reviews Lost Odyssey - Get Lost. In a good way

If you just fundamentally don't like the genre, then there's a chance that Lost Odyssey will fail to convert you. If you're too attached to the sorts of innovation introduced by the likes of Final Fantasy XII, there's a chance that it's just too old-fashioned for your cutting-edge tastes. But if you've got the patience to sit through its slow build up, and if you're open-minded enough to allow it to transport you, then it will take you to places that other JRPGs haven't even dreamed of visiting.

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abcd3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

8/10 from eurogamer ?????

Excellent score.

captainpwn3536d ago

When I want opinions of mindless UK Xflop baboons, Ill ask for it. This game flopped big time in Japan and its ratings are less than 5.0, ala LAIR ratings. Micro$haft can pay Eurogamer as much as they want, but nothing is going to change the response of millions of Xbots when they get it and it sucks and breaks their box.

Sez 3536d ago

so let me get this straight. LO got good reviews in japan but because it didn't sell good it floped everywhere else based off japan. is that saying the same thing about unwanted. it got good reviews from every site yet only sold great in EU. does that mean it's a flop. what about R&C is it a flop. stop trying to make every 360 game into a lair.

Ariexv3536d ago

Pretty sure it's averaging alot closer to an 8 then a 5 by far.... the only reviews putting it lower are the ones bashing it for being turn-based which is like bashing Resistance because you shoot guns, though it is pretty funny seeing all the PS fan boys come out to bash this game when the avg is about where most the PS3's "Big exclusives" for last year are score-wise.

sonarus3536d ago

reviewers have been rather lenient on this game in my opinion. Well glad its not a ps3 exclusive cus then we knw where those scores would have ended up. Oh well FFXIII better get 10's anything less would insulting considering how this game is getting 8's with ease

MetalProxy3536d ago

Man cant these guys give a deceint reveiw instead of those stupid remarks. I dont see how he gave it a 8 out of 10 with that statement. Tell me about something that will make me go buy the game.

mullet3536d ago

Nothing but 6's, 7's and low 8's for this game. Just another mediocre JRPG for 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.