Black Ops 2 campaign to feature time travel writes, "Over the course of the Call of Duty franchise, we’ve seen a lot. The release of the original Black Ops introduced a bit of time travel in the Zombies mode, but we’ve yet to see it in the core campaign of the title."

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nrvalleytime1859d ago

Maybe we can go back in time to when COD wasn't coming out every year?

Snookies121859d ago

This genuinely made me lol. Thank you sir, thank you.

rickybadman1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

lolol. Since COD started in 2003, 2004 was the only year a game didn't release.

SJPFTW1859d ago

Call of Duty Finest Hour a console exclusive came out in 2004 :/

Awesome_Gamer1859d ago

I hate this franchise, wish a passion, and i hate battlefield/halo too, so don't give me the fanboyish crap.

humbleopinion1858d ago

And you also hate every game ever created by naughty dog, right?

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Heisenburger1859d ago

Not reading the article?


R8341859d ago

More likely this is actually part of the new Create a Class feature for campaign, and at some point you will unlock the ability for free play where there's no restriction on the weapons you can choose.

jd6661859d ago

The game engine is stuck in the past unfortunately!!

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The story is too old to be commented.