DmC vs. God of War: Ascension vs. Metal Gear Rising - 2013's biggest brawlers broken down

GamesRadar - January, February and March of 2013 will respectively bring us DmC, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and God of War: Acension. It's going to be a damnably busy period for fans of the cinematic killing of multiple adversaries via brutal melee-based methods. But which way to go? Demonic, cybernetic, or aspringly deific?

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NovusTerminus2046d ago


I never got into GoW much, and DmC is taking hints from it in gameplay destroying DMC's charm with noob friendly rolls of 30ft and attacks that hit 20ft arcs around you... GoW and DMC used to be very different styles of games. Now NT is just making HS 2.0.

Army_of_Darkness2044d ago

That's why I'm, most likely getting all 3! :-D

yami9302046d ago

I really can't wait for Metal Gear Rising, and God of War, DmC is eh don't really care to much about it. DmC should have been a new IP seeing it seems inspired by Heavenly Sword and Devil May Cry, and I do love both of them, but DmC just doesnt look interesting, combat looks alright, but characters and the overall look of the game is easily passable for me (thats why the newewst trailers for the game seem more attractive because it just showcasess set pieces, gameplay, combat and has music playing, as opposed to the earlier trailers which show the character personalities and dialouge which is easily unappealing). On the other hand I love Metal Gear and I love Platinum so Rising is a win win for me, and the reason the graphics may not be as high as DmC and GoW is because Platinum I believe had less time to develop the game and they're running at 60 fps which really compensates for slightly lower graphics when done right (like Devil May Cry 4). God of War looks amazing to me and being a fan of all the previous ones this one seems to be significantly better, where first off there is the multiplayer, then the story seems to have great potential, and the combat has seen some significant upgrades in terms of flow, new moves and new combo possiblities, as well as being able to pick up fallen enemy weapons and other laying around weapons / items as well and other small details they have implemented into the mix to make it all the more interesting, I just hope there are a little more puzzles and interesting new ones.

Venox20082046d ago

Rising nr1 for me :) cant say that I dont wait for others though

RivetCityGhoul2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

this isn't even a competition. MGR is the obvious winner. GoW is good but too easy. DmC is big piece of garbage that should be burned in a bonfire. screw that game, crapcom and ninja theory

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