Nintendo’s response to the Pokemon PETA situation

Nintendo has responded to PETA's Pokemon campaign that kicked off last week.

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RmanX10002046d ago


-Mika-2046d ago

That would be really pathetic of nintendo if they do sue and Peta does make a good point about the series. Even though it is a cartoon. The way they treat the pokemon on the show is cruel.

chadboban2046d ago

And the whole, Sony/Kevin Butler/Bridgestone/Wii thing debacle, that wasn't pathetic right?

Dr_Salvitor2046d ago

how trolling can you be? there was nothing wrong with Pokemon Peta put the base ball bats and syringes in the hands of the trainers not Nintendo and that's just sick.

CalvinKlein2046d ago Show
ninjahunter2046d ago

You mean its pathetic for Nintendo to do something about terrorists exploiting their property? Well shoot, now that i know your stance im going to start robbing banks in your name.

ronin4life2046d ago

Are you being sarcastic/satirical ?

...can't tell if serious... or lying...

mamotte2046d ago

You realize 90% of videogames are about killing things, right?

adorie2046d ago

PETA uses sex to sell their agenda. They are hypocrites. Exploit the female body to save the life of an animal? You don't need to sell female bodies (whom are mostly covered anyway, thank God!)

To make your point, or get it across to the masses.

Rockoman162046d ago

Oh lord, your really are so full of it Mika!!, just stop please, stop!!

Squall50052046d ago

Like Mika, most people are missing the point of these stupid games that PETA release.

Their aim isn't to attack the game because they think the Pokémon are treated cruelly. They just want to use a popular medium (in this case it's Pokémon and a few months ago it was Mario) that will get people talking and hopefully thinking about animal cruelty. Yes it's a very cheap shot and they know it will only cause anger amongst pretty much anyone that isn't a super level 60 vegan master. Using popular games that people love is their dirty tactic of getting a bit of media attention. It works because the gaming community get super pissed and articles pop up everywhere, and PETA get loads of publicity.

I hate PETA with a passion. Not because they're against animal cruelty, but because they're a bunch of hypocritical arseholes.

One of the founders of PETA would be dead if it wasn't for animal testing. Yet she says she's against it.

PETA take in roughly 2000 a year of which about 95% they destroy. Less than 5% get re-homed. Yet PETA picket and abuse animal shelters that keep dangerous animals off the street.

They're associated with and provide funding to a terrorist organisation called ALF (Animal Liberation Front) which firebomb medical research facilities and set fire to homes and threaten to kill people and their families. I'm sure PETA donators love having their money spent to fund organised crime.

IAmLee2046d ago

'Even though it is a cartoon.'


AWBrawler2046d ago

LOL Mika. Saddest troll on the net. Last I checked the trainers on the game and the show love their pokemon, and those who don't are always seen as villains. Remember how Ash hated Paul for being heartless towards Pokemon?

mt2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

people minds, what have you come to ...

PETA is a joke from the get go, who gave them the power ???

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jon12342046d ago

@1.1.2 how trolling can you be???? wtf.... please dont write it like that... it could catch on if that way of spelling hasnt already....

GraveLord2045d ago

Sue? Nintendo paid PETA to promote their game.
Can you not see something that obvious?

Liefx2045d ago

Sueing wouldn't work. This would considered parody and PETA would win. This would be bad because now PETA would get publicity, which is the opposite of what we want here.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2046d ago

These aren't real creatures...

When are they going to protest Peter Jackson for killing all those orcs, ents, mumakil, and...spoiler alert...King Kong?

HammadTheBeast2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Why Pokemon all of a sudden? There's real animal cruelty, go fight that.

I never kick my electric rat. Except on Wednesdays.


George Sears2046d ago

PETA love animals way too much it gets pretty ridiculous, and creepy at the same time.

kesvalk2045d ago

if they really loved something they wouldn't euthanize 80% of the animals the "free"...

Wenis2046d ago

Nowadays PETA just wants attention rather than actually trying to 'save animals'.

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