Seven ways Xbox 720's rumoured 'Holodeck' could mess with our heads

OXM - What if the elephant in the room actually was an elephant in the room?

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dirigiblebill1319d ago

Teehee at the Battlefield one.

metroid321319d ago

Looks stupid and is something u would have as an add on to a next gen console at best.

whoyouwit041319d ago

have you seen the video of holodeck, not stupid at all


as you can see it uses the rift as well thats make you completely immersed into the world, but I do agree that this should be a choice rather then a primary controller.

Belking1319d ago

it looks stupid because sony isn't doing it, right?

Caffo011319d ago

i doubt it's the next xbox if they're using a move controller on their head...

GameLord081319d ago

I don't know any gamer that games in a window-less, furniture-sparce white room, so I doubt the full effect of this can be taken advantage of. And I can't expect that something like this would come cheap.

BitbyDeath1319d ago

The only rooms i've heard of that meets those requirements are padded cells. LoL

telekineticmantis1319d ago

No one including Microsoft, has tried the whole VR room thing. Couches, Pets, outside noises, and besides the environment, there's how well it projects on the walls to create an imersive feel

whoyouwit041319d ago

I think they probably use the holodeck that these students are using instead of the one they came up with.

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