New Resistance 2 plot and gameplay details

The latest Official PlayStation Magazine reports that the sequel will pick up the fight where the first game left off.

The main man, Nathan, goes to the base of the Special Projects Research Administration in Iceland, where he finds out other humans with mutant DNA infections have special healing and telepathic powers.

Insomniac Games president, Ted Price, told OPM UK of how the new, meaner Chimera. Price explained how players will be able to tell when an invisible Chamelion Chimera is near - they will see footprints in the mud or a shimmering outline in rain or smoke. Sounds impressive. And a bit like Predator.

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Shadowmania3664d ago

Oh yes, this will be GOTY 2008

blacsheep3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

this game has surpassed the mighty killzone2 in excitement levels

guerilla,round two time for the information on kz2 now

leon763664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

1.1. you're right, for me KZ2 and Resistance 2 will compete for the title of GOTY for sure!!!!

sonarus3664d ago

and they will both be beaten by mgs4. but those are the top contenders for game of the yr for sure at least for exclusive games. mgs4 will be one of those games we will be buzzin bout for weeks. It will surely earn a goty nomination. though its ps3 exclusive and you knw how much ppl hate that...

SUP3R3664d ago

My early nominees for GOTY are:

Resistance 2

However my primary choice is GTAIV, but Resistance 2 sounds like it's going to push the envelope in a big way. This game sounds more and more like it's going to be a HUGE contender in '08 and even early '09.

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Mr PS33664d ago

This game is gonna be HUGE

bOOmStiCK3664d ago

I'm very excited, especially the huge boss fights are gonna rock. Damn, can't wait for the first footage to show up. :)

Chuck Norris3664d ago

Sentinels.. I just hope someone is more badass than Hale in that group.

spandexxking3664d ago

hales hardcore enough, c'mon he pretty much took on the chimeran army single handedly.

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The story is too old to be commented.