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DarkStation: "Majorly annoying, heartbreaking, game stopper of a bug aside, XCOM was worth the money I spent to pick it up. I can easily see myself playing through this multiple times, growing as attached to each group of awesome, yet often spectacularly inept soldiers, as I did to the first. There a fair amount of replay with different starting countries, different base layouts, and procedurally generated combat. Just like other Firaxis games *cough Civilization cough*, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is all about taking 'just one more turn.'"

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Lovable1979d ago

I wanna play this game so long would it take for the price to go down?

camel_toad1979d ago

It doesn't seem to high-profile compared to what's already out and what's coming out so I wouldn't think long but from what I've played so far it's totally worth the full price. Great game if you like turn-based strategy.

OhReginald1979d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

The game is awesome. But i must admit without the preorder dlc armor customization, colors, and helmets i definitely wouldnt have liked the game as much. Such a shame the devs didn't include such a simple yet important part of the game in retail.

grailly1978d ago

I have the pre-order customization and it doesn't seem major at all. Isn't it just 3 helmets and color customization?