Street Fighter IV and both Bionic Commando titles for GDC

The arcade build of Street Fighter IV - the same as that being shown at this week's AOU show in Japan - is to be shown at GDC next week, VG247 can confirm. The game will be playable.

In addition, both the 3D, next-gen remake Bionic Commando and the anticipated XBLA remake Bionic Commando Rearmed are to be shown. The former will be demoed, but will not be playable. The latter is likely to be playable, but hasn't been confirmed just yet.

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OC Shock Value3751d ago

Both Of These games will be a day one purchase for me.. its gonna be an extremely fun year..

godoftime3751d ago

Bionic Commando Rearmed be coming out for PSN?

godoftime3751d ago

why does the article not mention it will also be for PSN?? pises meoff

DarkSniper3751d ago

Street Fighter IV will surely see superior sales and reviews on PLAYSTATION® 3. Reason being is due to a superior and more ergonomic controller design. Microsoft slaves who happen to be Street Fighter enthusiasts will have no choice but to conform to the vastly superior PLAYSTATION®3. Those in denial will play Street Fighter IV on their 360, use the piss poor D-Pad and then question themselves on how to throw Hadouken projectiles.


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