British Sales Charts

Tight-pants, swords and guns went down a treat in Britain last week, as Devil May Cry 4 went straight to the top spot. The irony of it being the 360 version that attained the feat will be, I'm sure, lost on nobody. Further down the chart? Both the peculiar and predictable. Peculiar: Turok charts not once, but twice. Predictable: A darts game for the Wii comes in at #5.

1) Devil May Cry 4 (360)
2) Mario & Sonic At The Olympics (DS)
3) Wii Play
4) Devil May Cry 4 (PS3)
5) PDC World Championship Darts (Wii)
6) Turok (360)
7) Brain Training
8) Turok (PS3)
9) Burnout Paradise (PS3)
10) More Brain Training

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SilPho3686d ago

I would say the largest surprise on there is Burnout Paradise only turning up on the PS3.

leon763686d ago

Peculiar?....Britain don't reflect all Europe...we all know britain is like US...
Let's now see how "peculiar" is DMC4 in german list, and french, and spanish, and portuguese, and danish, and italian, and irish, and dutch, belgian, austria, switzerland, sweden, norway, finland, etc etc and then we will see what version is on top.....

lodossrage3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

This kinda makes for an unfair comparison of the two console versions of DMC.

But to it's credit, the ps3 version only sold about 4000 less copies than the 360 version all across Europe. Which is a big ps3 victory when you consider that there are 1.5 (million) more 360 consoles sold in Europe than ps3

Edit- Because I was caught on my 1.5 mil typo lol

heyheyhey3685d ago

1.5? how can you own half a console?

i know you meant to say 1.5mil but i thought a bad joke was in order

heyheyhey3685d ago

i might get Turok- despite the crap reviews and negative feedback

nice to see DMC4 selling well in general

and its also a surprise that BO:P on PS3 is outselling the 360 version, seeing as the UK is still a mainly 360 area

cmrbe3685d ago

Especially Europe PS fans as why burnout sold more on PS3 compare to the x360.Yeah its weird. This is the only thing i can think off as both versions are the same and sold at the same price or are they?.

okcomputer3685d ago

From the demo and the reviews turok looks god awful. No wonder so many mediocre fps games get made. Even the crap ones sell well.

lodossrage3685d ago

As much as I wish I couldn't agree with that. The fact is your words are too true

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