Top 5 Upcoming Games for the PlayStation Vita

After a slow start back in March, the PlayStation Vita has been picking up a bit in sales. And this holiday season will make it more enticing with a number of huge gaming titles — whether you're into action games, in the mood for a fight or want to take a wild drive in a sports car. Here's a look at five standouts.

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NovusTerminus1979d ago

I'm only getting ASBR, via Crossbuy from that list.

Other then that I am gonna get O4G and Ragnarok Odyssey since Capcom wont give us MHF3 or an MHF4 announcement, I am finding a new game to replace it with, since they showed they don't care about the Freedom series.

GuruStarr781979d ago

I'm getting all of those except SFxT... my wallet is suffering!!

RubyToTheMax1979d ago

I'm getting most of them, except Declassified.

Never will I preorder or buy a game from Nihilistic on launch day, because after Burning Skies, I've had this burning hate for the developers.

Snookies121979d ago

Persona 4 Golden, after I've got that paid off I'll go for AC: Liberation. Need for Speed and PSABR are after those, if I have the money for them.

RmanX10001979d ago

Persona 4 Golden and PlayStation All-Stars are all i'll need.

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The story is too old to be commented.