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josephayal1985d ago

i bought Doom 3 BFG edition this morning and it's really awesome IMO is the best FPS of 2012

finbars751985d ago

I agree its really great and very impressive.Love the fact you get Doom 1 and 2 as well.The Hd really gives Doom3 some real pop.Worth the $39.Its as good as Black Mesiah but not better.Cant go wrong there.

Soldierone1985d ago

We have to admit. It's a bit funny its a game released how long ago? yet it is still better than a lot of modern games.

fossilfern1985d ago

Best shooter of 2004 you mean? I dont mean to be cheeky but its true. Its kind of shows the state of the gaming industry at the moment, its just like Hollywood. Its running out of ideas and its re-releasing/remaking older games and selling them as new.

That being said Doom 3 is a great game and its good to see more people enjoying it.

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TooTall191984d ago

I haven't played any Doom games so I think this would be a good start.