Rumour: Key GameCube titles to be released for Wii U

David Stellmack:

Sources tell us that while the Nintendo Wii U will not offer backward compatibility to play GameCube titles, apparently Nintendo is planning for key GameCube titles to be offered via the Nintendo Virtual Console store on the Wii U.

While Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii U will not offer GameCube compatibility as the Wii did, the announcement was a bit of a downer for Nintendo fans. Offering the titles via the Virtual Console store does make sense, but that means owners will have to buy the title again as a digital download; which, of course, isn’t going to make owners of the GameCube title happy.

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-Mika-1769d ago

As long as we don't have to buy a gamecube controller in order to play these titles. Then it fine.

krazykombatant1769d ago

why would you??? both the gamepad, wiimote/nunchuck/pro controller have the same buttons. I don't see why you would need to buy one. I think this is awesome, here is some hopes for Nightfire! Along with the entire Metroid Prime series.

slaton241769d ago

same reason why you had to use classic controller on wii for super nintendo and n64 games

Baka-akaB1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Except it's not at all the same . The wiimote wasnt close to those pads , the wii u tab seems offer all needed pad functionalities .

guitarded771769d ago

I want them to at least have a widescreen format option and some form of trophies/achievements if I'm gonna buy them over again. I bought some of the back catalog of games on the Wii, but only because the battery back up were dead in the original carts... if Nintendo is gonna offer old games, there should be some new features at least... I'm not saying HD, but some new features to make repurchasing worth wild. Pro controller implementation is a must.

Qrphe1769d ago

Apparent lack of analog triggers according to reports whoch the GC controller did have.

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abzdine1769d ago

If there is a GC game i want the day i will own a Wii U it's Mario Kart: Double Dash. Best MK of them all !

Resident Evil 1 and Zero in HD would be a great thing too!

badz1491769d ago

if that's the case, that's kinda lame! and people say Sony is the devil for selling HD collections!

StanSmith1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Really? But it's awesome that Sony sells PS1 and PS2 games on PSN now, right...right?

It's getting boring seeing people reaching to criticise rival companies now.

badz1491769d ago

you do know that every single one of the PS3 out there can still play PS1 disc, right? although I can't say the same for PS2 disc but those with BC PS3 can still play them!

that's the difference! PS3 can play PS1 disc but Wii U can't play GC disc!

StanSmith1769d ago

Yes, I do know that seen as I own one too. Guess what? My 360 plays Xbox games too! WOW!

Your reply has nothing to do with the article above. Your first comment was pure rubbish seen as what you were criticising Nintendo for, Microsoft and Sony do the same.

It seems to me that you're one of those "hey, stop bullying Sony" fans who make out they are victims of bias from the media and gamers, yet you run to 360 and Wii/WiiU articles to take shots at them and their userbase.

Basically, Grow up!

cervantes991769d ago

Yeah because Sony forces you to buy HD collections - grow up!

StanSmith1769d ago

Sweet! I would love Luigi's Mansion, both Rogue Squadrons, RE Remake, RE0 and MK:Double Dash.

R1CAN6171769d ago

Till this day i still havent played Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes i know it might not be as good as the original but id still like the chance to play it though.

Neonridr1769d ago

it's a faithful recreation, with upgraded visuals.

nrvalleytime1769d ago

Agreed. It's - dare I say it - better than Sons of Liberty.

Venox20081769d ago

I actually love the remake :) maybe you will too

Theyellowflash301769d ago

how is it not better than the original? Better graphics, MGS 2 engine, updated cinematics. Plus nintendo easter eggs

Qrphe1769d ago

It's way more over the top than the original was supposed to be. Even Kojima himself isn't very fond of it.