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WWE 13: 10 Criminally Absent Attitude Era Superstars

WC - Not long now! WWE 13 is released at the beginning of next month in the UK (the end of this month in North America) and by most accounts it marks the beginning of a new direction for THQ’s seminal pro-wrestling franchise. With its brand new Attitude Era story mode, this new game promises to bodyslam us back through time, to relive and re-experience the golden age of the WWE. (PS3, WWE 13, Xbox 360)

ShadowKingx  +   892d ago
Hardcore Holly and Al snow is the only ones i seen that i would question why he not in it

for most the others I’m sure its due to the fact of families not wanting them in there because of respect, or because of involvement with the adult industry (really involved), or involvement in other brand such as TNA. Now before i get hit hard on this one i will say yes X-Pac was involved in the adult industry but i think because of fans really wanting him in this game WWE decided to plus you cannot really have DX without X-Pac. Now even though chyna was involved with DX i don’t think she played a really big role at least in my opinion. So that would be my guess and the other things why she is not in it.

But on the bright side people will create them and so they will be in the game via CAC
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Captain Qwark 9  +   892d ago
any of the dead ones dont make sense to me. people claim respect, but to me ( hell if it was me ), i would love to be in a game. what is more respectful than giving the legends credit where credit is due for their contributions to the era and allowing them to live on forever in the game and letting all their fans see them one more time ( or many if you use them often ). and for the few who may have forgotten them or never seen them, this would be their opportunity to witness the legacy they had created for themselves

id love to see owen hart in the game and i think its a damn shame hes not.
Enigma_2099  +   892d ago
How about leaving them out of the game if the families don't want them in there, or because of the circumstances of how they died? Me thinks the WWE wants to put that tragedy behind them even more than you want to see them in a game.
Saturne3  +   892d ago
Chris Benoit was simply a tragedy and i think WWE wont mention him ever again for respect and to avoid any controversy.
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WhatAboutBigBob  +   892d ago
We can throw Kurt Angle, Al Snow and the Dudleyz out the window right away due to their contracts with TNA.

Chris Benoit will never be allowed or mentioned in anything WWE as long as Vince McMahon is alive because of the way that situation went down. Vince has stated he has no respect for Benoit. He was even edited out of matches on WWE.COM.

I believe with Owen Hart, I've heard there are legal issues with his family that they will not allow the WWE to use him right now and it's possible the same can be said about Test and Crash Holly.

Chyna is a pornstar, and as soon as she decided to make that career choice, her chances of being in the game were thrown right out the window.

So, on that list, the only real questionable ones are Steve Blackman and Hardcore Holly. Hardcore Holly may have some bad blood with the WWE because of the way it was rumored that he treated some people in the back, but again, rumors.

Apparently, WWE Officials have even stated they'd like to see Steve Blackman back and he's said he really gets the itch to come back, so his absence is really mind boggling.

On top of that, it's criminal that someone like Tyson Kidd, one of the best workers in the WWE was left out of the game as well.
Theangrybogan  +   892d ago
Not as criminal has having to click 10 times to read one fucking article! Douchebags!

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