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A horrible rat plague has hit Dunwall and you, Corvo, the personal bodyguard of the Empress, have been sent off to seek help. Upon your return, your welcomed with the murder of the Empress on your hands. You are framed and sent to prison. This is where it all begins, a revenge story of epic scales that all boils down to how you play the game.


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ArabianKnight011828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Seems to be a great game, I just hope that for the completionist in me I can stretch the game for longer than 6-8 hrs.

lastdual1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

If you're the type of completionist who needs to uncover every note that gives insight into the plot, grab every piece of loot, and silently knock out every guard in your way, Dishonored will easily take you upwards of 25 hours.

camel_toad1828d ago

Yeh I'm Capt Stealth-OCD and I'm near the end at the very least near 15-20hrs

MattyG1828d ago

Yeah, the completionist in you will have a blast here because there are tons of collectibles and story collectibles in this. Just rushing through the story took me 6-8 hours.

MattyG1828d ago

Oh come on... For realz? (See what I did there?)

cr33ping_death1828d ago

im already on my 4th play through...only need versatile trophy to get my platinum... some games it takes me a while to play through again for a second time, to get into it again, didnt have that problem with this one....awesome. :)

r211828d ago

This game is indeed awesome! Never doubted Arkane Studios :D

starchild1828d ago

I agree with all of you. It's a fantastic game all around. I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

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