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Submitted by psvitamanfan 1209d ago | opinion piece

Sony and Vita far from dead.

There’s been an abundance of articles directed at Sony and their latest handheld, the Playstation Vita, and most of them are showing what most people are – idiots. (Industry, Next-Gen, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Sony)

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Masane   1209d ago | Spam
RmanX1000  +   1209d ago | Well said
WHOA WHOA WHOA! This ISNT a doom n gloom Vita article?! Praise the writer!
psvitamanfan  +   1209d ago
thats what i thought when i first read it LOL
Septic  +   1209d ago
All the pre-requisites are there for VITA to become a success; it just needs a more concerted effort on the part of Sony to release software that really make owning a VITA a more attractive prospect.

Initiatives like Cross-play etc are really good (and brave) steps in the right direction. Sony can't rest on their laurels on this. The VITA is an incredible bit of kit begging to be utilised. We haven't seen the best of what it can offer yet by any means.
Eyeco  +   1209d ago
The problem i have with the Vita is the same problem I had with the PSP although great handhelds they never/don't really have that many handheld games by that I mean they always felt like console games. The DS always had those pick up , play for 5 minute games the PSP never had that it always like felt more of a console for me, to the point where I just felt like playing a console instead.

Overall I think the Vita just needs allot of support especially in software. And once again sony needs to market it out the a$$
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moparful99  +   1209d ago
@Eyeco SOny has released a program called playstation mobile and its a collection of cheap pick up an play games.. Like playstation minis but much better.. If they can educate the public on this program I think it will do wonders for the Vita
sikbeta  +   1209d ago
I'll not say death at all, but lets talk about this when Sony actually starts doing well, don't lose insane amounts of money and Vita can actually sell at least 3 times than 30k week wordlwide constantly, if nothing of this changes, at some point they'll need to cede...
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jujubee88  +   1209d ago
I say keep em coming
The more I read about VITA being doomed and failing; I know that is something I can read and find humor in.

It's a stress relieving action. I read the doom and gloom articles. Than I play for hours all the games on my VITA and by the end of my gaming session, I completely forget all the sh** talk and just enjoy having been entertained by what only VITA can do
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TENTONGUN  +   1208d ago
i never read this crap. i only post to tell people i dig my vita and that its worth every penny. cool thing is its about 1 or 2 killer apps from taking off in sales. people will give in eventually. at the least id say midway in the life cycle. slow but steady start i reckon.
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Jazz4108  +   1209d ago
This sounds like a piece I could have wrote. Its pretty badly done and unprofessional.
trancefreak  +   1209d ago
And praise the White Tulip well if you watch FRINGE
GribbleGrunger  +   1209d ago
He's on the money with this article, but I've got to say I'd have preferred it if it had just been a straight out advocation of Sony's long term strategy rather than a 'counter' article. By there very nature, articles like this automatically polarize their readership... but it is nice to see positivity for once.

By and large, the gaming media have very little in terms of 'headliners'. The general media, on the other hand, have so much at their disposal that they're hard pressed to decide which headline to run. The gaming media are left trying to spin the vacuous into something news worthy. Many bloggers are even worse off because they're sources are further limited, and I have to say, sometimes questionable (to say the least).

Generally speaking there is a lack of imagination from the gaming media and more often than not they'll simply rehash the same news, ad nauseum. Hits are king in this bloated, self-centred, indulgent media, so who can blame them for picking the path of less resistance ... Hell, I can, and will continue to do so.

So what can the gaming media do to save itself? I hope they have a long term plan because their credibility is taking hits on a daily basis. Unless they exchange sensationalism for creative thinking, they're doomed to become 'just another poster on the internet'.
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DK286K   1209d ago | Spam
SilentNegotiator  +   1209d ago

But most of the articles lately say that Sony is "d00med" in the game industry.
And that IS trying to predict the future.

The articles haven't been "daily bad news" like you're trying to make it sound. Stop trying to justify all the BS articles that have plagued this site this year.

"Sony should leave the console industry"
"Vita is doomed!"
"Vita [blah, blah] won't save it"
.....these are NOOOOOOT "daily" pieces of news.
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tiffac008  +   1208d ago
And most of those articles aren't even made by the media. Such is the nature of the internet where anyone can be a so-called journalist.
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trickman888  +   1209d ago
"The Vita is far from dead"

With it's weekly 10k and below(more or less) sales in Japan, lack of advertisements, and lack of must have games, we'll see about that.

Not sure whats the point of mentioning black ops declassified. That game is going to suck, and it's been gimped compared to the console games.
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gamingGod123   1209d ago | Spam
GraveLord  +   1209d ago
All Vita games are "gimped" compared to their console counterparts. But compared to their 3DS counterparts? Vita wins by a mile.
MuhammadJA  +   1209d ago
You have very few trolling abilities.
dp277407  +   1209d ago
I cant understand why people feel this way, I grabbed this from the sites comments.
Dear sony and its’ fans,

For the sake of humanity, please stop dreaming like we owe you money by spamming us on the internet with your vita ps3 promises we don’t even care. It’s so annoying like a crook selling snake oils. We understand you’re losing the gaming market pie these days, and it’s not gonna help everyone by putting the blame on people not giving you money.

You used to be the king but nothing’s last forever, your era is done, it’s gone. People like us are getting wiser and do not need to listen to your fans who are aggressively posting ‘Opinions’ like gospel of salvation. They might have just felt pissed because your brand name is sinking quick like titanic. We understand they would put the blame on ‘Media’ for bias articles, but we also believe the ‘Media’ don’t owe you and your fans anything.

So please accept the reality that you’re just trying to make profit out of us (including your fans too.) and that you can’t force people to buy your stuff all the time like we’re stupid puppets. NONE of your products can help us (or your fans) getting any money, in fact people are loosing money just for the sake of ‘games’.

In short, we’re not your blind slaves for taking our money for monopoly. Thank you.
chaos_mechanica  +   1209d ago
Why the hell would they write that? First of all, Sony is a corporation. Businesses need you to buy stuff to survive. Economics 101. Secondly, Sony never forces anything down people's throats. They've been giving away more things lately than charging for it. PS+ is 50 bucks for what must be hundreds of bucks worth of free games (just this summer alone). Online is free, unlike Microsoft. What the hell is that person talking about?
dp277407  +   1209d ago
obviously people didnt like me posting it since it cost me a bubble.
chaos_mechanica  +   1205d ago
Everyone understands dp didn't write this, right? Don't take it out on him!
ape007  +   1209d ago
all these sony doom and gloom articles make me sick
NastyLeftHook0  +   1209d ago
dont worry, it will happen again anad again and again and just when you think its over it comes back twice as hard. but no fear for me, im a proud owner and i could not care less.
rainslacker  +   1209d ago
PS3 had them for a few years too, and it seems to be doing fine now, was doing fine during the articles as well.
Nutsack  +   1209d ago
Sony has a long term strategy, sure. I have a PS3 fat, slim, two PSP's and even a PSVita.

Then again, how long can a company keep its shareholders happy, when they write big -read billions and billions of dollars each year- losses since the introduction of the PS3 in 2006?

Recently we saw Sony fire half of the marketing department. Now that department already was doing a sh!tty job overall, so now I guess they do half the sh!t.

Thing is, if they don't make money, and PSOrbis/PS4 is supposed to release in 2013/2014, its a time they will have to invest even more money. At the start of a new generation there are always bigger losses even.

Even though I love to see Sony doing well with all they give to me in games and gamedevices, it isn't looking too bright too bad.
GameLord08   1209d ago | Trolling | show
r21  +   1209d ago
Agreed, never once have I regretted buying mine :) A positive article is breath of fresh air, what with these vita is doomed articles. Although it did feel a bit disrespectful, good read. I too am tired of people saying it has no games.
DarkHeroZX  +   1209d ago
Remember the 80/20 rule in business folks. As long as Sony keeps this in mind they'll do fine.

And for those of you who don't know what that is it means that 80% of a firm/companies business comes from only 20% of it's customers. If Sony shoots for that then the Vita can still be successful. Sure its no 3ds or Iphone in terms of sales but it doesn't need to be. I think the whole expanding in the mobile division with PS mobile and the future of Gaikai will greatly help turn it around for the vita and next gen.
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gamingGod123   1209d ago | Spam
mamotte  +   1209d ago
This is nothing new. I mean, when the PS3 launched, it had only a few games, and everyone believed it was doomed. Same as the 3DS. Same as the PSP. Same as the Wii, same as the WiiU, and same as every console since the creation of the internet.

Everything is doomed at first paranoia.
Crillvirus81  +   1209d ago
Honesty I don't know sonys future but I tell you this out of about 30 of my closes friends who all game last gen they all had ps2 but now they all play on the Xbox this gen and were all im our 30s and they hate the ps3 and its online me I own all 3 so get the best of them all but what I'm trying to say is in the matter of a few years they all gave up on Sony and moved on so you never know shit Sony might do something epic with the ps4 and get them all back but the way they going now it's hard to see that happening
gamingGod123   1209d ago | Spam
SilentNegotiator  +   1209d ago
"30 of my closes friends who all game last gen they all had ps2 but now they all play on the Xbox this gen and were all im our 30s and they hate the ps3"

Considering the total hardware sales are so close, your story is logically far from typical.
jetpacksheep  +   1209d ago
C'mon Vita, all the gamers should want the Vita to succeed.
josephayal  +   1209d ago
The PS VITA is not dead, Vita Needs More Japanese Games like Onimusha, Final Fantasy, Grandia, Resident Evil and of Course Monsta Hunter
cyberninja  +   1209d ago
Some people are just desperate to see Sony gone, the amount of hate is just unbelievable, sigh...
imXify  +   1209d ago
Vita is like a BMW and the 3DS is like a Honda. Of course the BMW is better and more expensive, that's why more people would take the Honda cause it's less expensive "and will do the same job". Same scenario for the Vita'n'3DS.
one2thr  +   1209d ago
Nah its more like: Vita is like a Ford F-150 Raptor, and the 3DS is like a Honda civic... The ford is more expensive, and faster, and can carry a vastly bigger load, and has a more interesting appeal, that over lays its ruggedness and versatility... As to the Honda civic, it gets people to where their going, with a limited load capacity, and about equal in appeal but not as tough or rugged or as fast as the Ford F-150 Raptor, while being as inexpensive possible...
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RubyToTheMax  +   1209d ago
Nah you guys got it ALL wrong, but the concept is right.

The PSVita is a nicely cooked meal from a 5 star restaurant made by the finest chefs, while on the other hand, the 3DS is 2 minute, Instant Noodle.
one2thr  +   1209d ago
lol that's a way better way of putting it.
megamanX2  +   1209d ago
really? oh that's why everyone's ignoring it lol nobody wants to buy a useless paper weight.
DivineAssault  +   1209d ago
Vita hasnt even began to show its true power yet.. This 2nd wave of games incoming & holiday bundles should put an end to the doom n gloom articles ppl are so infatuated with..

A damn ipod costs more than vita, the 3DS XL is $200, & the games on vita & 3DS virtually ALL cost the SAME! I just dont get it, nintendos handheld is selling WAY more, has a WAY bigger install base, & gets LESS 3rd party love... Then someone writes a doom article lol

I must admit tho, im kinda happy vita is in the situation its in with selling vita.. It will only bring great things & thats prolly why ppl arent buying into it YET! After a price drop it will spike but im hoping sony takes a gooooooood look at this when deciding on a price for PS4.. If they price it right on launch, it will make a lot of gamers very happy.. Hidden fees with memory not being included or whatever, will only piss ppl off.. I have a good feeling that PS4 will release with a good price & great features.. I doubt they wanna go thru this again..

Anyway, Dokuro today!! SFxT & AC later this month! Retro city rampage right now! Trophy unlocked
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telekineticmantis  +   1209d ago
I think we've been reading
The same articles for the last 6 Years. Ridiculing Sony has been the popular thing to do, since the beginning of this gen. Fanboys started it on youtube and that train has been going nonstop ever since.

Journalists are just gonna go with what's popular, they know no better.
crinale  +   1209d ago
One day a random site posts article saying PSVita needs saving.
In the next day another site posts article saying PSvita does not need saving.
Then again the next day another site says that Vita needs saving.

Hey those "journalists" have found the perpetual dynamo!
MattyG  +   1209d ago
I find the period in the title incredibly distracting.
ForRealz17  +   1209d ago
Spot on. The Vita is like The Avengers.

"Yeah, takes us a while to get any traction, I'll give you that one. But let's do a head count here: your brother the demi-god(Soul Sacrifice); a super soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend(COD Black Ops Declassified); a man with breath-taking anger management issues(eventually a God of War game); a couple of master assassins(Assassins Creed: Liberation), and YOU, big fella(doom and gloom articles and haters), you've managed to piss off every single one of them."
RubyToTheMax  +   1209d ago
Obviously the PSVita ain't dead. It's able to recharge!
SpinalRemains138  +   1209d ago
Let all the fear mongerers continue to doom the Vita.

For some reason, the have a deep desire for it to be an awful piece of hardware.

Rest assured, it is not. It is the best handheld ever made and when it succeeds it will just hurt the naysayers that much more. They're already missing out on great games. Now they're going to be upset when it continues to pump out success.

Have any of these naysayers even played Golden Abyss?
Methinks no. If they had, they would realize how truly amazing the system is.
whoyouwit04  +   1209d ago
yea the vita is pretty much dead, it's really a shame to. I
bought one and it really is a remarkable piece of hardware, true it does needs more games and that's the devs fault for not been more supportive. the gameing community has proven that they do not care about tech, look at history the most powerful console has always lost I can't think of one gen were the most powerful console won. not that I'm saying pick a console cause its powerful cause there is a lot to consider when buying a console.
medziarz  +   1209d ago

with this triple-A trio the Vita is going to rock;
add to that the excellent LBP:V and U:GA,
the serviceable annual sports: Madden, FIFA and MLB:TS,
the AAA fighters: MK, MvC, SFxT,
the AAA JRPGS: P4:G, Ragnarok,
the other Sony franchises: R:BS, MNR, W2048,
the exclusive games: Escape plan, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice,
many other games, bigger and smaller,
and finally the PSP library as well as PS1 classics and even minis,

and we get the most COMPLETE lineup for the first year of a console EVER,

but that want stop the ANTY SONY LOOM, GLOOM, and BASHING thats been going on every year for the last 6 years
KateHavier22   1209d ago | Spam
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1209d ago
Dead? Not hardly. Seems like its just getting warmed up.
GamerzElite  +   1209d ago
Kingthrash360  +   1209d ago
All these hate articles on Vita will pass just as they did with the wii u and 3ds. What will happen is Sony will wait until after Christmas to drop the vita AND ps3 prices as they should. I know and also the writers of hate articles know Sony will wait till then but customers want the drop now. These haters feed on this fact and exploit it to get hits. This is vitas first Christmas and It would be stupid business practice to drop the price before hand. This time next year there won't be any hate articles on vita but on Xbox 720, ps4.
megamanX2  +   1209d ago
"Sony and Vita far from dead."

well duh sony has been dead for years now.

"with this triple-A trio the Vita is going to rock;"

yeah just like the ps3 and its triple a's rocked lol, and it's still in last place.
#30 (Edited 1209d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Kingthrash360  +   1209d ago
I don't think places apply here. I mean we're talking dead and being in last place in console sales means its the most expensive, it also means the Xbox was counting the consoles that people bought because of the ring of death saga. Some people were dumb enough to just all around buy a new Xbox instead of sending it to Microsoft for a temporary fix. Them same people bought the slim thinking it was ring proof. Then the wii sold to casual gamers mostly. They played wii sports until it got old and is collecting dust as we speak. I'm not a Fan boy by any means, I own ALL systems. The system I play most is ps3 because its the most reliable system on the market. I only play exclusives on Xbox because I'm scared of the red rings and my wii is a book holder now. Sales don't apply here because coming in last place just means its a reliable system that appeals to hardcore gamers with a high price tag. It's far from dead, there is too much negativity in the gaming world now.
insomnium2  +   1208d ago
Tell me Megaman. What will you say once PS3 passes x360? My guess is you will shout from the top of your lungs that "it doezn't matter anymore since new gen has already started" or something along the lines. Or are you standing there with a straight face and telling people PS3 will not pass x360 at all?
Ben_Grimm  +   1206d ago
He will probably say "finally", I mean the sony fans have been saying this since 2006?
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