The Orange Box dissected - with Valve (part 2)

Who would have believed that a 3D puzzle game voiced by a psychopathic female AI would become one of the games of 2007? Designer Kim Swift gives PC Zone's Jamie Sefton the hole truth...

Despite Valve's sci-fi spatial puzzler clocking in at less than three hours, Portal has become a phenomenon, built on a fantastic game idea, a teasing Half-Life universe setting, memorable characters, and the funniest writing and best-performed dialogue this side of Psychonauts.

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LSDARBY3689d ago

Orange box was one of my favourite games of 07, and i completed episode 2 the other night. Its awsome. And ive got the game on PS3 and went through the whole game and only experienced literally 5 seconds of lag on episode 2.

miasma3689d ago

Orange box is great, i am about to finish up episode two today. Portal was crazy cool. I keep going back and playing again and again, and there isn't much to it. Just fun. Goes to show, sometimes 'keep it simple stupid' work just fine...

Mr PS33689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Can you not buy this seperate

solar3689d ago

i remember portal was released like 3-4 years ago. didnt play it til OB and it was great. cant wait til the new content comes out. hopefully u console guys get it as well.