ESA: Piracy exceeds 90% in some territories

The Entertainment Software Association has filed a Special 301 Report with the US Trade Representative outlining the challenge that international piracy poses to the growth of the videogames industry.

The report highlights a number of territories for which online piracy is a concern, including Canada, China, Malaysia, Russia and parts of Europe.

The ESA's CEO, Michael Gallagher, explained: "Countries that support computer and video game piracy discourage publishers from establishing viable and legitimate markets. The Special 301 process sends a strong message to them to clean up their act to avoid damaging trade sanctions."

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Tempist3691d ago

I pay taxes included in my blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. Those a portion of those taxes make their way into the hands of the Canadian Recording Industry and in return they can't bother us for downloading music.

Just because America didn't think to put that into it's bills and such, doesn't mean I have to suffer.

I don't see anyone getting huffy and puffy at the man spearheading the change to downloading movies, music and TV, Mr. S. Jobs.

Kakkoii3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Exactly. I love my country.. OH CANADA!

They really need to back off..

OMG the pirates are making us earn $2,000,000 less then our usual 12 billion dollars. What ever will we do. Our greedy asses need to stop them!

It's so stupid. Especially with the Music Industry.. Most artists get most of there money from concerts. It's the record labels that wine the most about piracy.. And they need to shut up.. They sit back and have cash roll in, while there many signed artists sing for them and earn them there money. There the most greedy lazy dumbasses i've ever heard of.