Eurogamer reviews Sam & Max 203: Night of the Raving Dead

The conclusion of the review by Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead:

"If you've not been won over by Sam & Max yet, this episode certainly won't change your mind. It's better than Ice Station Santa, yet not quite as good as Moai Better Blues. It remains small in both size and scope, while those who have stuck with the series since Season 1 will find that much of the actual gameplay is basic meat-and-potatoes fetch-questing. And's indecently cheap and, for all its minor flaws, the ongoing saga of Sam & Max is still the funniest game around. I've not laughed this much since Psychonauts, and that's not praise I dish out lightly. Let's just hope that the tricky balance between brain-busting puzzles and gut-busting jokes works itself out for the next chapter, Chariots of the Dogs."

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