Smash Bros. Goes Platinum

With over 800,000 units sold in its first week of availability in Japan, it was a given that Smash Bros. Brawl would cross the million sold mark faster than any Wii game before it. Sure enough, the game managed just that, as, citing sales data from its publisher Enterbrain, reports today that Brawl sales reached the 1,082,344 mark on the 10th.

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Frances-the-Mute3687d ago

wow! already in a little over a week


Evil Zhuk3687d ago

Like gamecube and melee this will be nintendo last big game seller for this gerneration.

desolationstorm3687d ago

I dont think it will be its last big game seller. I do beleive this will be their biggest seller has the largest appeal. I already know more poeple who have bought it recently or will be buying it just to get this game. Though I also think mario kart and animal crossing will sell big for the wii.

Eretik3687d ago

Only this year:
wii fit
mario kart
animal crossing

3687d ago
socomnick3687d ago

lol evil dude you know the wii is going to wipe the floor with the other consoles. Heck im a Xbox fan but I know its gonna happen.

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OC Shock Value3687d ago

This will most likely be the most sold game of 2008.. Over a mil and hasnt even left japan yet.. Outstanding

BrotherNick3687d ago

I am going to play it tonight ^_^

DeckUKold3687d ago

This game is just so unique that it took 2 decades of classics to create and it revives classics that you never would be able to imagine a comeback. But hopefully we see another great donkey kong game and River City Ransom Return. or Konami brings back The Double Dragons.

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