EA leading Army of Two dev on Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is the lead platform for upcoming multi-platform third-person action game Army of Two, EA has revealed.

Speaking in an interview with, Army of Two assistant producer Matt Turner said the team "put it on PS3" after leading development on the Xbox 360.

However, he stressed that as far as graphics goes "it looks great on both of them".

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Multigamer3724d ago

no suprise then which one will be better, lest hope its not a big difference

predator3724d ago

to be honest, developers are getting use to both consoles now so i dont think it will matter what platform the devs lead both games will look the same, look at capcom and dmc4 for example of developers making the game the same on either format.

Its win win for all of us.

blacsheep3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

but are we surprised by EA?

EA are a company that like to make a quick buck the easy way, so ps3 owners were unfairly shafted by those lazy EA devs in the beginning

altough its beginnig to change now there was no excuse for their lack of effort in not trying to understand the complex but powerful ps3 architecture in the beginning.

but also 360 owners are gonna get shafted now that EA's bought mass effect developers because EA likes a quick buck the future sequel's to these games will be multi-plat

i just really dont like EA and what they stand for in the gaming community, more original IP's would help for a start instead of churning out the same crap on a yearly basis with minor cosmetic changes

rant over

Captain Tuttle3724d ago

"EA are a company that like to make a quick buck the easy way"
Name one company that doesn't want to make easy money?

blacsheep3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

easy way by sacrificing quality not caring what crap the put on the shelves!

many could say this about capcom but with one big difrerence look at DMC4 they run exactly the same on either console EA cant or dont care about doing this, yeh burnout but this is ONE game after numerous cack games EA have put out which was inferior, like EA have stated its easier to start with ps3 so why not continue that procedure,and then not have a lynch mob of angry gamers and fatter pockets

Silverwolf3724d ago

with making a quick buck, but at the what cost? If you're going to shaft a few and ruin your reputation then making a quick buck will hurt you in the long run.

RecSpec3724d ago

Doesn't matter to me, this game fell off my radar a long time ago.

sonarus3724d ago

agreed back when ea first showed it, it looked like the coolest sh!t. but now jst looks so so. i do like coop if i can convince one of my friends to buy/rent with me then cool

mikeslemonade3724d ago

Agreed this game for most should be nothing more than a rental.

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THC CELL3724d ago

na sorry army of two will suck

and ea had x box dev kit long before ps3

TheMART3724d ago

So how long will those excuses stay?

In 3 years, the 360 devkit will still have been earlier in the hands of the devs. Which means... Every PS3 game will be worse because of that? Nice to know in advance!

halo3betasnatch out3724d ago

games will not even be being made for the 360 in 3 years...

AngryHippo3724d ago

....anymore which platform is the leading one. Predator is correct, its win win for everyone now that devs have got the hang of developing on the PS3.

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