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Submitted by mr_magic_mike 1214d ago | opinion piece

What the new Wii U specs tell us about Nintendo

Digital Trends: Even though the Wii U is scheduled for release in roughly five weeks, we still know next to nothing about what Nintendo has put under the hood. Sure, we can make a few educated guesses based on what we’ve seen (and we can flood the world with plenty of uneducated guess as well), but we haven’t heard much in terms of technical specs. And by much, I mean anything at all. For all we know, the console could be so high-tech that it becomes self-aware. Then, not content to simply play Mario games with you, it will hack into NORAD and then ask if you want to play a game. When it then displays “Global Thermonuclear War,” feel free to sweat. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Shok  +   1215d ago
Just a heads-up, this isn't about the actual NUMBER specs (GFLOPS, RAM, GHz, etc.), it's about the hardware specifications, as in, fan size, heat sink, chip architectural, etc.
Erimgard  +   1214d ago
And I have lost interest.
darthv72  +   1213d ago
we have become so spoiled...
over the generations to the point where we feel entitled to such information.

Many dont realize this but the reveal of specifics was meant to be a one up to the competition. Not the consumer.

Yeah I liked the days of specs on the genesis and snes, etc. But when it really comes down to the end of the day. All those numbers mean squat if the onscreen results do not meet expectations of the person playing.

My expectation is simple. i want a game that will entertain me for hours at a time. The graphics are just icing on the top but not an absolute requirement.

Seems the tech savvy people out there just wont settle for NOT knowing what they are getting. That is sad. The key to any platform is entertainment. If you feel you are getting that then it shouldnt matter where or how it gets there.
pangitkqb  +   1213d ago
This was a fascinating article. I love Nintendo still after all these years.
decrypt  +   1214d ago
The specs just confirm that Nintendo knows:

Console gamers... dont care about graphics.

The few that do can easily be fooled by comments like:

"so and so game will use 100% of hardware" except on release of sequel they will say oh we really mean it this time. Those sort of statments from pr reps are enough to fool most of the console gamers.

Nintendo knows most console gamers have no clue about hardware hence it doesnt really matter what they sell to the kids.
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telekineticmantis  +   1214d ago
It's called visual entertainment
We all care about graphics, don't kid yourself.
HammadTheBeast  +   1214d ago
PC gamers have no lives at all. Go play League and enjoy the hacks. Also, some people have real lives then to care about every specific thing. In the end, it's about fun.

Also, I apologize in advance to any real PC gamers who don't act like ****.
bothebo  +   1214d ago

Yes it is about fun, but graphics help enhance that. Let's get one thing straight, if a Nintendo fanboy Cries "It's not about graphics or hardware" their argument just all legitimacy. Why? Maybe because they buy new hardware to play sequels? If Mario was fun in the 1980s why buy a Wii U or any other Nintendo system if you are already having "fun" (NOTICE: Sarcasm alert)? I'm just using your logic.
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SirBradders  +   1213d ago
Yea but raw power doesn't just enable better graphics it enables bigger and better experiences hence when the next gen Xbox and ps3 comes out imagine how huge and detailed open world games will be and the interactions that can be possible in them. Wii u is a no brainer for me I lost interest in Nintendo when my balls dropped.
DeadlyFire  +   1214d ago
Only thing this tells me is that the CPU is actually an APU with GPGPU embedded with the CPU on same chip.
Pillsbury1  +   1214d ago
Genesis does what nintendont.
optimus  +   1213d ago
You mean like get out of the hardware business?? ...all i know is Nintendo is still Playing With Power... Sort of speak. ;p
Pillsbury1  +   1213d ago

That was an old slogan used by sega stating it had more power than Nintendo. Nintendo still outsold sega because of one thing: fun factor. I believe the wii u will bring the fun factor along with the innovation, it doesn't need to be the most powerful. They have miyamoto instead, something no ultra super high end super computer can replicate.

Rated M for mature
MNGamer-N  +   1214d ago
Who cares. If the games are fun and enjoyable, that is what matters to me.
RubyToTheMax  +   1214d ago
Well hardware does limit what a console can do. Even if the console has fun and enjoyable games, it wouldn't be satisfying if it can't product nice visuals and eye candy. Because we as consumers, want more and more. I'm not satisfied with playing or owning outdated consoles.

But who's to say the Wii U isn't lacking? For Nintendo, this is a big step up from the Wii.

The only question is... Is the Wii U ready for PS4/XBOX 720? Two consoles notorious for pumping out great hardware.
Stroke666  +   1214d ago
nintendo is in a league all their own. there is no reason for them to compete or be ready for the next psbox. I've played many games that didnt have great graphics but were fun as hell and the graphics took nothing from gameplay. good graphics are like grated parmesan, if the spaghetti taste like shit w/o it then it'll taste like shit with parmesan with it lol. good graphics are nice to have but its not a selling point in my opinion.
deafdani  +   1214d ago
I take it you're implying Sony and Microsoft are notorious for pumping out great hardware? By great, you mean "powerful"?

Because that wasn't the case with Sony at all, until the PS3. The PS1 was weaker than the N64 (although it had some clear advantages thanks to it using CDs instead of cartridges), and the PS2 was weaker than the GameCube.

Just something I found worth noting. I expect the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft to be more powerful than the Wii U, but to what extent? I don't know. Many people seem to take for granted that they will blow the Wii U out of the water, but here's the thing... we don't really have any way to know until they're actually announced.
legendoflex  +   1214d ago
This is what "hardcore gamers" said about PC vs. NES.
cee773  +   1213d ago

you do realize the playstation launched 2years before n64 the playstation was powerful for its time even then ps1 had superior sound bigger games and longer games more exclusives its competition was originally the saturn same with ps2 its comp was the dreamcast we know how that went the rest is history
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deafdani  +   1213d ago

What's your point? Nothing about what you said actually contradicts what I said. I didn't state that Sony's past consoles were the weakest of their respective gens, I stated they weren't the top dog when it comes to hardware until the PS3. Big difference.

And if you look at my post, I stated that the PS1 did in fact have some clear advantages over the N64 thanks to the CD format. By that I meant, yes, bigger games and superior sound and the other things you mentioned.

Also, the Wii U is going to be released a good year or two before Sony's and Microsoft's next consoles. So, it's not that different from the PS1 - N64 scenario in that regard, is it?
LOGICWINS  +   1214d ago
"Who cares. If the games are fun and enjoyable, that is what matters to me."

If thats all that matters to you, then I guess theres no reason for you to buy a Wii U. You can get a PS2 or a DS at a fraction of the cost of a Wii U and play hundreds of fun and enjoyable games.
Nerdmaster  +   1214d ago
If one didn't play everything one wanted to play on the PS2 or on the DS already, then one can't be called a gamer.
PopRocks359  +   1214d ago
You can't really get Pikmin 3 or Rayman Legends on a PS2. Just saying.
Bluenuts9  +   1214d ago
I couldn't agree more, too bad I can only agree once lol. Ps man I wasn't actually trying to put RE 6 down, I was just trying to say I think that Zombi u is going to be a bit better. ( for some reason I couldn't reply to you on that actual article lol. )
LOGICWINS  +   1214d ago
@Bluenuts9- No prob man ;)

"You can't really get Pikmin 3 or Rayman Legends on a PS2."

MNGamer-N said nothing about Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends...all he wanted was fun/enjoyable games. Fun/enjoyable games aren't limited to the Wii U or Nintendo consoles.
Imalwaysright  +   1214d ago
So if someone wants to play and have fun with those exact games then what? I wanted to play MGS4 so i had buy a PS3. I didnt buy it because of its power. I bought it because of my love for the MGS franchise. If i wanted a platform for its power i would never consider buying a console, i would just stick with my PC. Besides, lets not kid ourselves here. Most console gamers care more about having fun than graphics. When was the last time that the most powerful console won a generation? SNES? I dont know! Even in the handeld market the DS crushed the PSP and the 3DS is currently stomping the Vita. Console gamers pretending to be graphics whores makes me laugh. If you want to be a graphics whore build yourself a PC.
Laxman  +   1214d ago
So, just becuase fun and enjoyment matter to him, he cant have fun and enjoy NEW games?

For someone named LOGICWINS, you rarely seem to have use any logic.
LOGICWINS  +   1213d ago
"So, just becuase fun and enjoyment matter to him, he cant have fun and enjoy NEW games?"

Where in his comment did he mention anything about "NEW games"? Just curious.

"Console gamers pretending to be graphics whores makes me laugh."

Who said anything about being a "graphics whore"?
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mcstorm  +   1214d ago
I agree its the games that make a console not its power. Look at the last 3 gens for example and the console with the least power has come out on top in terms of sales and number of top games sold.

The core marlet talk about power all the time but the wold is a differemt place now as games are played by everyone now not just the core. Just like smart phones are used by everyone not just office workers.

I have never gone off specs for anything i have bought i buy what i want and that fits my life the best.

I cant wait tl get my hands on the wiiu as it has some interesting games coming out for it and imo looks more like a console i will like to use day in day out where the wii for me lost its way for what i wamted out of my systems.
ninjabake  +   1214d ago
I don't see how anyone who enjoys videogames could disagree with that comment.
Burning_Finger  +   1214d ago
That Modern PC can emulate it easily. XD

..And Nintendo's are one cheap ass company that always relies on old technologies.
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Bossman112  +   1214d ago
Thats why we see them push something new each console instead of using the same only controller and just improving how a game looks
bothebo  +   1214d ago
You mean using technology we've had for a while? Yeah they do innovate. People have been gaming with tablets way before the Wii U.
live2play  +   1214d ago
...And Trolls are one cheap ass members that always relies on old tired arguments.
LOL_WUT  +   1214d ago
Why you mad? ;)
mr_magic_mike  +   1214d ago
I think that the WiiU Gamepad will make emulation much more difficult. Hell, Miiverse might make it damn near impossible.


Anybody that has had any experience with emulators knows that we won't see one for the WiiU right away. Those things take years.

If you wanted to get the full Wii experience on the Dolphin Emulator then you had to "come out of pocket". It was not free, thanks to the Wii remote.

Emulating the WiiU won't be quick, easy, or free.
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legendoflex  +   1214d ago
I very much doubt a modern PC is optimized to use the GamePad without latency.
metroid32  +   1214d ago
Nintendo keep saying wiiu equals graphics and online as the two main things it has over the competition.
gamingGod123   1214d ago | Spam
AO1JMM  +   1214d ago
Just another WiiU specs thread.
josephayal  +   1214d ago
An open world Mario game 720P
SPECS? MEH!! A 3D Mario title for the Wii U would be a huge seller,
Adolph Fitler  +   1214d ago
I'd much rather my console to have more under the hood, hence better graphics/visuals, than some pos controller/tablet, that won't offer anything revolutionary, or even evolutionary to games.

Nintendo's machine is already basically confirmed to be a barely more powerful 360/ps3. Any idiot that thinks it will be some next gen powerhouse, has not got a grip on reality. Nintendo sell all hardware at a ptofit, the wii-u will be no exception. The most worrying part is that the controller is a tablet type thing, which means a big chunk of production cost.

So, I mean really, what are nintendo seriously going to be able to put under the hood of wii-u in order to be able to make wii-u both affordable to consumers, & profitable themselves
herbs  +   1214d ago
I think the way you interact and play the game is much more important than how you percieve it. Visuals are important for sure but gameplay is key. Its pretty safe to say the Wii U will be able to handle slightly more complex games with a marginal upgrade in graphics and Im satisfied with that. What I'm very stoked for is the new ways we will be able to control and play the games. If you fail to see the potential of the new gamepad your being narrow minded, too bad for you.
gameplay > visuals
aesthetics > fidelity
Nintendo is really great at the first two :) can't wait :D
moparful99  +   1214d ago
I'm sorry but I cant agree with you herbs.. I have used every form of control schemes to interact with my games and I always go back to the tried and true controller.. I've played the Wii, Move, Kinect, Vita, and every other new and supposedly revolutionary control input and yet again I return to my classic controllers.. Why? Because they allow me the most control with no extra thought or effort on my part.. ITs automatic, I don't have to think about what buttons I need to press or what movement I need to make.. Hence I gain a deeper level of immersion with my games.. Think about it the WiiU is going to require that you take your eyes off of the tv screen to interact with the WiiU gamepad and in most generes of games that will ruin the immersion... There are genres and gamestyles where this will work well but for the deep story drivne games and the intense online action that I crave the WiiU pad will be useless.. But this is my opinion and not based in fact...
WiiUalpha  +   1214d ago
LOL. On ruining the immersion.. Mine gets ruined every time it switches from gameplay to cutscene, etc. I dont see you complaining about that though. I never play any game constantly staring at the screen nonstop any way. Bad for your eyes and all. I game on my PC with the TV on. Watch tv while I play BF3. doesnt kill my immersion facter though.

BTW once you get use to the button placement you wont be taking your eyes off the screen so much.

Lastly, you prefer controllers not because they offer you more option but because you are use to them. You are no different then someone who preferred radio to TV or REcords to cassttes.

The only thing you said I agree with is that it is all opinion and not based on any facts.
herbs  +   1213d ago
I agree with some of the things you said moparful99, I get the whole if it ain't broke then don't fix it. I also agree that the Kinect and the Move are absolutely horrendous for almost anything gaming related but comparing those control methods to a conventional controller with added functions and it's own display is like comparing apples and oranges. Also saying looking down is going to be a problem with imersion just means you can't multitask, are you not able to drive a car because you can't look at the speedometer or mirrors while driving?
DivineAssault  +   1214d ago
The name "Wii U" still hasnt grown on me.. They shouldve kept the whole super>ultra>mega>etc thing going
Qrphe  +   1214d ago
They would've but when you only get 30+ and 20+ hardware million sales for two continuous generations you know you've got to step up your business plan.
lionelglitchy  +   1214d ago
the specs for the new 360 were leaked recently and they were not any thing special and the ps4 wont be as big an upgrade from ps3 as people think.the world is in recession no one is going to splash out 500 to 600 bucks for a new console.shareholders won`t allow sony etc to sell consoles for a loss in the hope that three or four years down the road they start to make gambled big with the ps3 but that had nothing to do with giving gamers a bleeding edge console it was to push their blu-ray disc format,to make it the hd disc of choice,if they won [which they did]sony stood to make huge profits from licensing etc.that option is`nt there this time so all the sony fanboys trolling anything about the wii u with the usual bullshit like 'wait untill ps4 its going to kick some ass'had better get used to dissapointment
CyrusLemont  +   1214d ago
I completely disagree with you, I think people will spend $500-600 on consoles, providing Microsoft/Sony show huge leaps from current generation consoles. People spend $700 YEARLY on a new mobile phone. I'm sure they can spend $600 on a console that will last you over 6-8 years, making the price insignificant for the content it will offer. The problem is timing, I remember Skyrim got so much more hype and bigger than it should have because of its date, which I don't think Bethesda expected. If companies can find great marketing strategies and nail timing, then they will be successful. Both consoles are going to obviously have to offer more than just gaming, they have to be a full entertainment systems which Sony pretty much achieved with the PS3, Xbox not so much but yeah. They need to be able to say, this is the only thing you need in your loungeroom, other than your tv and sound system haha. I think Microsoft's ui direction by unifying all sytems with W8 is already leading them in the right direction. Don't really know about Sony to be honest, but that's cause I'm not very educated on their future plans.
gamingGod123   1214d ago | Spam
moparful99  +   1214d ago
@lionelglitchy You are wrong about Sony and the PS4 in ever way possible.. For starters since blu-ray is the defacto standard of High definition formats it's a safe bet to assume it will be used for the ps4 and since ps3 games haven't come remotely close to filling a triple layer blu-ray we're good to go.. Next Sony has already let the wraps off of their 4K resolution technology that will surpass any resolution currently available, by ALOT. Sony is in a really good position to offer a tech packed ps4 at a very good starting price around $400 is my estimation.. Which is what the ps2 was when it launched and whent on to be the highest selling console of all time... Food for thought.. Lastly the ps3 wasn't just a trojan horse for blu-ray.. As with the ps2 and dvd before it, it definitely helped make blu-ray the clear choice but they also gave us a console BRIMMING with technology.. 500 million on the cell processor which is an amazing processor.. If not for its quirkiness and the ps3's lack of ram it would have been an even bigger monster... Sony had the ps3 soo bleeding edge it almost priced itself out of the market.. SO like all other ignorant trolls before you, learn your facts before speaking please...
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Holeran  +   1214d ago
I'm not gonna lie, I like graphics along with great gameplay fun. Problem is I can't buy a computer for $299 that would run the games that are out there for the PS3 any better than my PS3. I know I'll have plenty of people telling me "oh for just a bit more you can have PS3 graphics at 60 fps or 1080p at 30 fps, and they may be right but they also come with set-up and hassle and load your drivers here and there and trouble shooting. I did it for 4 years with a rig dedicated to Dark Age Of Camelot, at the time I went through 3 different video cards and surround sound card memory upgrades then a whole new computer. All archaic now but none the less.
moparful99  +   1214d ago
Thats what I love about consoles, especially now with the advent of online patches and firmware updates its basically plug and play and you know the product that you are going to get.. Not like computers where you have to buy the best of the best parts and components which gets expensive to run these games at full spec... I'd rather have my console for a few hundred with a dedicated online infrastructure and a constant supply of guranteed to work AAA titles.. NO MUSS, NO FUSS...
Bladesfist  +   1214d ago
You get what you pay for thats the point. You can get a cheap PC which still plays games better than consoles (720p 30fps+) or you can go and get a £600 pc and play all games maxed out. It is up to you. PC is pretty plug and play now with windows 7 downloading all of your drivers, steam updating all your games in the background.
moparful99  +   1214d ago
@bladefist No you are oversimplifying it.. I have a 1 year old pc that had some pretty good specs when I bought it and it hiccups more then a drunk hobo. Its a great computer but these games are being pumped out at a rate that its hard to keep my pc up to par.. My Ps3 all I have to do is DL a patch or a new firmware and I'm good to go.. Thats the beauty of uniformity you dont have to worry about coding for the lowest common denominator.. You know exactly what you are getting... Its just better.
Bladesfist  +   1214d ago
@mopaful99 All I am getting from what you are saying is old hardware cant run bleeding edge graphics which is the same for console. If you bought a decent PC a year ago it should not be hiccuping at all. A 6850 (mid range card from 2 - 3 years ago can still play most games maxed at 1080p) I really don't see the problem. It is not like your console patches make the game run at 1080p 8x AA like how I play my PC games.
GraveLord  +   1214d ago
The specs aren't really that impressive and Nintendo knows that. It's all about the controller.(amazing piece of tech BTW.)
Straightupbeastly  +   1214d ago
It's a beefed up Xbox 360. Not that it's a bad thing, it's actually a good thing considering devs are used to it, this is why devs are easily porting games and on board to do much more.

If I had to guess I'd say its 1.5x as powerful as xbox360. Not including the fact it has more than twice the disc space.
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FlairSomewhere  +   1214d ago
25 gb per layer, up to triple-layer (though, why would you, disc read speed that many layers deep i would assume dips a bit)
soooo blu-ray.

i highly doubt nintendo looked to the 360 for inspiration.

tell that to their designers.

the way the console is fundamentally constructed, ram for os, for gaming, etc., flies in the face of anything the 360 did.
moparful99  +   1214d ago
I believe they learned a lesson in regards to ram from both SOny and Microsoft.. In order to run these ever sophisticated OS' and these complex games ram has to be a priority.. SO in a way you could say Nintendo gained inspiration from both of them..
FlairSomewhere  +   1213d ago
Well said, I see where you're coming from.
TemplarDante  +   1214d ago
Can the controller for the Wii U still not charge via USB? It is still only by AC Adapter and wall socket? ...
beerkeg  +   1214d ago
Oh no, it's such a hardship to use a wall socket. Great, thanks for telling me about this, this changes everything.

I'm not getting a Wii U now, putting a plug into a socket is too much hard work for my little hands.

Thanks a lot Nintendo.
tubers  +   1214d ago
Powerful hardware doesn't mean JUST graphics.. it's also about AI and other background stuff.

Mass effect gameplay, GTA IV world, etc. wouldn't have been possible on weaker hardware.. unless the visuals used are just stick people. (exagg.)

More powerful hardware also extends the boundary for easily adding new ideas (as opposed to weaker hardware).

I guess it's more than quite possible that the Wii U isn't gonna get those more "complex" (and much more graphically intensive) games w/c are prevalent on the PS360 ATM.

So I guess.. It's still Nintendo (w/ its decent exclusives) but still generally behind for the more "core" gaming.
AWBrawler  +   1214d ago
If Graphics were so damn important, and graphics actually somehow enhance the fun, Why then is Tetris still one of the most played games EVER? and why do people still play board games like Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, and Go on their consoles, PCs, Portables and phones?

Fun is fun regardless of how it looks. I still have a blast playing Ice Climbers and thats 8bit
attilayavuzer  +   1213d ago
Yeah but would you buy Tetris or Ice Climbers if it was $60 and released today?
AWBrawler  +   1213d ago
hell yeah if i didn't already own them. a new tetris on 3DS is almost 40 bux and i got it, and guess what? it still looks almost the same cos they just blocks
beerzombie  +   1214d ago
Graphics in a way do not matter it's the art direction that realy make a game shine.
#16 (Edited 1214d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DVAcme  +   1213d ago
Hardware capacity is quite important in this day and age, and not merely in terms of pure graphics. Think of things like draw distance, of simultaneous characters on screen, of frame rate, AI behavior. Remember, for example, that we have already seen news that the Wii-U version of the Dynasty Warriors series will not feature as many simultaneous enemies as the PS3/360 versions, which in terms of gameplay is actually inferior, even if it seems a triviality. After all, many of the game's bonuses are based on how many enemies you kill in a row, and part of the series charm is using your officer to plow through enemy hordes. Less enemies=less bonuses and less badassery. A mere "graphics" issue will have a palpable effect on gameplay.

Imagine a new Dead Rising game and it only has, like, 20 zombies on screen at any time, as compared to the HUNDREDS were used to. People would immediately cry foul. Or a Total War game without the huge armies of AI controlled soldiers duking it out individually. Ot, hell, look at Nintendo's own library. Have you noticed how EMPTY most of their games are? You see the Zelda games, for example, and you don't see bustling cities, or fields full of critters. Hyrule has, what, maybe 15 inhabitants at most at any given time? The fact is that graphics are a storytelling device, and when well-used, allow for much deeper immersion into your game's world.

I respect Nintendo's claim that graphics are not the be-all end-all of gaming, because it is true to an extent, but just as well-done movie special effects add immersion to the movie's story, so do game graphics. And the other gameplay factors that can be improved with stronger hardware(character count, AI, frame rate, etc.) are legitimate reasons for considering stronger hardware.
Vickistheman  +   1213d ago
Nintendo has to be at or close to profit when launching their system. It makes perfect business sense for them to use tech that's not quite bleeding edge since they are solely a videogame company and one bad generation for them mean could mean disaster for the company.

They survived the N64 and Gamecube days with low hardware sales because they still made money on the hardware and obviously their software.
DVAcme  +   1213d ago
They really cut it close with both those systems. The N64 was more powerful and expensive than the PS1, but still lagged behind it because of the limitations and prohibitive price of the cartridge format(had Nintendo adopted CD-ROM then, I could have seen them winning that console generation). As for the Gamecube, I think by then Nintendo already had the stigma of being a kids company, not to mention PS2 was a friggin' JUGGERNAUT back then. Also, the controller, although extremely comfortable to the hands, had a very unorthodox design that made it very hard for developers to adapt multi-platform games to it. If you notice, the most successful games for the GC were those that were designed around its controller from the get-go.

And a HUGE part of Nintendo's success in those two generations was its handhelds. That has always been the one niche where Nintendo has proven practically untouchable. In terms of hardware, handhelds are dirt-cheap to produce, and developers can make games with both old-school methods and sensitivities, so software's plentiful. That's part of the reason Nintendo can experiment when they release consoles, that they have the handheld market holding them up allowing them to take risks.
EmilyWayne21   1213d ago | Spam

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