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Part of Play Expo 2012 coverage:

"Let’s keep this blunt: on paper ZombiU reads as the Wii U launch title equivalent of Condemned. Monolith’s Condemned was one of the first, and best, 360 titles. It’s an absolute gem that too many people have forgotten through the waves of daily hype the PR machine churns out about the next inevitable disappointment."

[Shane Ryan, Thunderbolt]

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ninjabake2046d ago

The N64 and Wii standard controllers felt "natural" even tho they completely strayed away from traditional controllers (the n64 controller had 3 handles! LOL) but a controller molded after a more modern design that is similar to other systems is "unnatural" OK. Ill judge for myself but I seriously doubt the gamepad will feel any more awkward than the n64 or wii controllers when I first used them.

1upgamer992046d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Hmmm, this is one of the only people I have heard give a Gimmicky report on the Gamepad. I have heard when it comes to Zombi U quite the opposite, other than the fact that it takes getting used to using as an inventory system. I remember the C buttons, and on N64 and that took getting used to. I know that the gamepad according to Activision BOPS2 developers is amazing, at least for BOPS2, and that The Wii U version is better in part because of the Gamepad. I am still a little ticked BOPS is not 1080p on Wii U like we were led to believe though :(

ninjabake2046d ago

C-stick was introduced with gamecube, n64 only had C directional buttons but yes both took some getting used to, pretty much every Nintendo controller does which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

1upgamer992046d ago

Right right....Duh, I goofed :)

metroid322045d ago

Going off th wiiu trailer the graphics are at pc level so true 720p is very good although we now it can do native on even much more demanding graphics look at Aliens the specific wiiu trailer sespence on youtube its better than starwars 1313 and thats native same as Project cars and Assasins creed 3 not to mention almost 90% of wiiu games will be Native and before soon 100% will be these are only launch games and graphically there med pc level which is very good with Aliens looking like ultra settings on the pc in terms of graphics.

wiiulee2045d ago

most people who play with the wiiu gamepad says it feels completely he either was already planning on being negative or need to relax...5 minutes does not make you an expert.