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Doom 3 BFG Edition Review from The Controller Online.

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Droid Control1981d ago

I played it back on the original Xbox. At the time it had great graphics, but the gameplay, level design, and scares left a lot to be desired.

Now or course, DOOM 3 doesn't even have graphics going for it.

LightofDarkness1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

The original Xbox version was VERY different from the PC version. It was all chopped up and rearranged, very little of the original level design remained, and the graphics, while an achievement for Xbox, were laughable compared to the PC version. If you played Doom 3 on Xbox, you didn't play Doom 3.

That said, it was never that great of a game. It had graphics at the time, but it was quickly overshadowed by Half Life 2 about 2 months later in every other department. The next Doom game needs to take more inspiration from the first two games than the last one if it's to be successful, IMO.

Kleptic1980d ago

^^^couldn't agree more. Doom 3 was a perfect example of unmatched tech personnel (Carmack) mixed with unequally inspiring game designers (iD sans Romero)...Personally, if iD made Doom 3 a new debut for a different franchise, i would've been fine with it...but even as a reboot, its not what most of us were hoping for. And just as you said; with HL2 dropping just a few months later with MUCH better actual gameplay, doom 3 was nearly a flop overall...

I later read interviews that started to make sense, though. The infamous flashlight 'problem' was because of the lighting engine's couldn't be out while particle effects and weapon animations were also on was also why you'd rarely see more than 3 enemies on screen at once. I'm interested in trying this edition out simply to see how the game plays with that stuff 'fixed', if you can call it that...

Anyway though...this includes the originals, something the ps3 has never had true access to yet...i'll be checking it out exactly for that, even if its only a rental...

Larry L1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Yeah, the Xbox version was very different. This is really the first time DOOM 3 has had a console release.

But you think Half-Life 2 graphically overshadowed DOOM3?


Yeah, I was watching every interview I could find last night since I couldn't find any reviews. They've actually changed alot of scenarios all for the better from what I saw. John Carmack also said he completely took out the original aiming system code and replaced it with RAGE's aiming code. He was bragging to jis co-workers that he got 16 milliseconds out of the response time, lol.

I don't know how big of a deal that is, but I do know that he said it's got RAGE's aiming now, and I own and love RAGE on PS3, and from a gameplay perspective, it's a joy to play. The aiming is SO good. So hopefully the new aiming works right with the old graphics. If it does, DOOM 3 will also be a joy to play.

SilentNegotiator1980d ago

It wasn't a very good game on any system.

There, I said it.

beerkeg1980d ago

You shouldn't have been playing it when it came out SilentNegotiator. How old would you have been then? Ten?

SilentNegotiator1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Well if it isn't Mr. Personal Attacks himself?

You must be pretty unhappy with yourself to be going around attacking people you don't know.

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STONEY41980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

The Xbox version is extremely different. In order to make the game playable on the Xbox, they cut the levels to be extremely linear, cutting out all of the side rooms and exploration aspects, to the point where the game was nearly literally corridors. About 4 chapters, if I remember correctly, were completely cut from the game too. The on-screen enemy count was also drastically reduced.

The PC version is much better, by far.

NYC_Gamer1981d ago

I didn't like Doom 3 at all it felt so different from the previous games in the franchise

Psychonaughty1980d ago

And it felt so archaic compared to other games of it's type at the time, it's almost like Half life and Halo had never happened...It's sad that the company that created the first person shooter fails so bad at making a worthy game in that genre.

DevilishSix1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Seriously, not one word mentioned of the remastered visuals. Nothing was even said about the 7 new levels offered in the Lost Chapter mission or the ROE expansion.

All I read was, lighting not as good as today blah blah, sound not as good as today blah blah and a confusing paragraph about multiplayer, where is it, is it over here, no, over here, no.....which way did he go, duh.

This wasn't a review nor read like a professional one. I would question that this review is real and the person played the retail game.

Now with that said if the remastered version of Doom 3 is infact a disappointment it still will play better than RE 6.

ALLWRONG1980d ago

Agree, it's almost like the guy didn't even play the at all.

chromeish1980d ago

Both the updated visuals and Lost Mission content were covered in this review, if you actually read it.

MadMax1980d ago

Couldn't agree more! This guy didn't even mention the new visuals. I will pick it up and judge it for myself. I've played doom 3 in the past, so well see how the new graphics hold up. From what I have seen online, it looks well updated and gameplay still looked pretty good.

Soldierone1980d ago

the only real draw back is the models are a bit edging because of when the game came out. Round things are blocky. Other than that the visuals are awesome! Great lighting and textures.

aGameDeveloper1979d ago

He went on and on about how bad the audio was, but the first thing I thought when he stated the symptoms was that he was trying to play some sort of surround sound format through stereo speakers or headphones.

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nutcrackr1980d ago

Does he say which version he played?

Soldierone1980d ago

I have it and love it. Doom 1 and 2 coming with it is awesome, as they added in surround sound to those games. Sure didn't make those HD, but unlike DMC those ones came out 20 years ago so its a little harder to make them HD.

Doom 3 looks great with its new visuals, a little dated of course, but still great. I'll find it funny when people complain about out dated visuals then go praise COD about it....

I'm just waiting for the whiny COD fans to complain about not being able to look up and down in the first two games...

MadMax1980d ago

Yea, digging on Doom3 right now, have not tried 1 or 2 yet and am looking forward to playing resurrection and the lost levels for the first time! I have to agree that the shading and lighting effects are great! Textures are crisper and brighter, definately look far superior to the original version.

The blacks are much darker too, character models are more smoothed out and look much better. They did a pretty damn good job on the HD remastering i think. I would say it could be compared to Quake 4 graphics, as it uses the same engine.