Art of Fighting Anthology: Darkzero Review

Darkzero writes: "With the release of Art of Fighting Anthology, this is the perfect arcade port of this series of games. I can't stress enough that these are arcade conversions and NOT console versions. For people who have only heard the name Art of Fighting will ask 'What's the difference?' Whereas the others that have played both will know.

Basically the differences are that with the Arcade version, just like all arcades, the owners of the machines could change the difficulty, usually left on default which is MVS, which I will explain later. The console versions have the options to change round time, how many rounds and the difficulty of the game. When you load up this game you are welcomed by a Title Screen with some artwork from all three games.

Press start and you are welcomed with a choice of basic options, sound, visual and control configuration as well as save and load so you don't have to do these settings over and over. Also a nice little feature is that you can change the colours of your favourite AoF characters, so if you thought Ryo looked good in black with white hair, do it! Now onto the history."

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