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Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price has told that his company has no interest in being acquired, and that the team is "happy where we are now."

The company, which is currently working on the follow-up to PlayStation 3 shooter Resistance: Fall of Man, also wouldn't rule out working across multiple platforms in the future.

Price pointed out that while the company "currently doesn't have the bandwidth to be able to do that," he thought it "impressive to see some of the sales numbers for people who are going cross-platform."

He added his hope that the PS3 would move beyond being simply a high-end games machine to embrace a wider audience in the future, and that producing a title for the PlayStation Network was something that Insomniac had looked at.

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Skerj3687d ago

"We've actually made it a big focus to include more churches and now synagogues and mosques in Resistance 2."

That statement = Win!!

Chuck Norris3687d ago

The more lawsuits, the better.

Multigamer3687d ago

"also wouldn't rule out working across multiple platforms in the future." i bet if that happens sony fanboys would think less of

Bathyj3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

If you're going to put something in quotation marks it should actually be said in the interview, and by the relevant person. like this...

"Being an independent developer means we always have that choice." And "The answer is always no."

And even "I think I, and most other people at Insomniac, are very happy with where we are."

masterg3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I would be sad to see them go multi-platform.
Not because I have anything against the 360 (I own one)
But because this would mean longer development times. Goodbye to a new game every year. It would also mean less focus on the power of one console, and become what we have seen so many times before. A game that can run on both but doesn't use the full power of either.

blacsheep3687d ago

word of advice.......................B UY,BUY,BUY!!!!nomatter the cost!

Iamback3687d ago

Nice that they are not on sale.
BTW for anti sony fanboys, both Resistance and Ratchet IP belong to Sony, those that listen to podcast regularly know about this.

DarkArcani3687d ago

Insomniac has been exclusive for SONY since psone. They have the freedom to do whatever they want to do while having the support of SONY.
This is probably what Bungie wanted thats why they went Indi.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3687d ago

You're the only one who said anything, Xbox fans have never said otherwise. IMO you sounded a bit worried in that comment, wonder why?

rofldings3687d ago

Almost like bots yelling about the Halo IP belonging to M$ after Bungie left?


captainpwn3687d ago

You sound a bit excited at the possibility that Insomniac is going to the Xflop. Well, it isn't happening. Read the interview before you bother to comment, and you'll see that they are declining every offer they get. I know Microsoft is looking for someone since their Game Studios is the biggest PoS now that Bungie, Bioware and Bizzare left. But, Insomniac doesn't want to put out games on a console that doesn't work and will be replaced within months. With PS3 they keep learning out new secrets and can keep taking more and more advantage with this console and their games. It'd take them a few months to get a game on 360 that takes up all of the 360s measly processing power. Unfortunately, any game that takes up over 90% of the 360s processing power causes it to break down, ala almost all of the games. Except Gaylo 3 in 640p, of course.

Zhuk3687d ago

Insomniac could be really big if they went multiplatform, they should really consider it as the benefits far outweigh the negatives (crying fanboys)

Nykamari3687d ago

Just because they haven't created a game for the BOX! Hopefully someday they'll develope something for the Xbox7200

Darkiewonder3687d ago

they would have went multiplatform from the get go.

Bathyj3687d ago

Sorry, but the the way to make your game the best it can be is to concentrate on ONE platform. Insomniac know this even if you dont.

Plus they're not about to refine and engine, improving it more and more to take more advantage of the cell and its SPU's plus the benefit of BR, and then dumb there games down to fit on hardware that doesn't offer the same benefits. Thats like getting fitted for a suit but its for your brother.

Plus the bottomline is, who moves when they're happy where they are?

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