All Halo 4 Specializations can be unlocked by playing the game at launch

XMNR: When 343 Industries and Microsoft announced the Halo 4 Limited Edition, one of the included bonuses was that all six multiplayer Specializations would be unlocked from the start for the player to choose from when they reached level 50. A promotional email sent out Monday indicates that this Specialization unlock bonus is not so limited in the upcoming Xbox 360 shooter.

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FarCryLover1822048d ago

Yeah, I cancelled my limited edition today. Sure I will miss that collectors steel box, but other than that... there's nothing to miss.

Whore_Mouth2048d ago

I was about to sell my limited edition off to a coworker then I realized that I will still be getting the maps.

Septic2048d ago

Yeah at least we get the extra maps but still, this does kind of lowers the value of the Limited Edition package. Either way, I'm glad that my mates who aren't get the Limited Edition won't be missing out too much.

A7XEric2047d ago

You can buy the map pass separately for $25. I'll probably just cancel my LE now and buy the game and map pass separately since it's like $15 cheaper

GearSkiN2048d ago

well aint that something... LE preorders gonna get mad!

FarCryLover1822048d ago

I got real mad and I can buy the war games pass itself if I do want the maps and that comes with more armor and skins.

GearSkiN2048d ago

ikr 2 helmet if u buy it w/o LE thought that was crazy glad i decided to jst get regular.

FarCryLover1822048d ago

Plus I had ordered through Amazon and I wouldn't have gotten it until like 3pm that Tuesday. Now I go to the midnight launch!!!

GearSkiN2048d ago

yea i wanted to try pre ordering online but u could never have it as early as u wanted.

LtComAmbrose2048d ago

Meh just gonna order on ebay and get it a week early or so ...