1UP analyze Rockstar's latest five video clips: GTA IV

1UP writes:

"This weekend GameVideos got sucker-punched with not one but five Grand Theft Auto IV teasers. Three of them showcase characters we presume we'll be spending a lot of time with, and two more present advertisements for in-game businesses, presented Rockstar's often imitated, never duplicated facetious style. They're all funny, but I thought I'd deliberately miss the point and obsessive-compulsively pick over them to see what they might betray about the upcoming game."

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Lifendz3689d ago

I'm not checking out any more of the teasers because they either give away things I'd like to find out in the game or they just...well tease. I'm hyped enough for the game. I don't need to be anymore hyped. Day one purchase for me.