'Too many devs are chasing the WoW glory'

Too many developers and games in the MMO space are chasing the World of Warcraft glory, Flagship Studios COO Max Schaefer reckons.

"There seems to be a lot of copy-cat games out there... and a lot of developers have no idea how hard it is to really compete in this space", Schaefer said in an interview with CVG which will be published in full shortly.

One of the toughest challenges facing MMO developers is the technical requirements behind games of this type, which are enormous, he added.

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solar3591d ago

but the only developer i see out MMO'ing Blizzard is Blizzard themselves. they are the undisputed king as of right now, and their following can be credited to their numberous knockout titles they release. i never liked Diablo, but most ppl i talked to when i played WoW said a Diablo MMO would be their trump card to never play WoW again.

bozobucketeer3591d ago

The thing about wow isn't its story or gameplay, it's the interface. Most MMOs that I've played have been fairly difficult to learn and get into. However, 2 minutes of WoW and you know it all for the most part. Combat is simple, finding groups is simple(helps having so many users), and leveling up your character is simple. All Wow did was take proven gameplay and add in a UI that worked for everyone. Or at least, that's my opinion.

Jinxstar3591d ago

Well I play WoW. Most players are looking forward to Warhammer, Age of Conan or Darkfall. Through talking to probably 90% of the players they all claim they are just waiting on the next goos thing. Well hardcore players feel that way anyway.